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Hi Ros, Really interesting research question, I never knew that there was a disconnect between Sweden's image and its reality over indigneous rights. As you mention this is a form of 'state branding' would it be appropriate to discuss reigning governments and their approach towards this issue? I know little of the Swedish party system but do different government's approach this issue differently? Are the State policies ingrained in Sweden's history or is it a party issue? Something that may be worth considering.
Hi Dhrti, I agree with Suzie and Max, I think your outline has a solid plan and will help you conduct a thorough analysis of your thesis. One small issue that I wonder is how you plan to go about analysing the affects of Syrian migrant into Norway, by that I mean, given the recency of the issue, have the Norwegian governemtn already introduced new measures to counter act the issue? I think a brief analysis of any amendments would be worthwhile to discuss.
Hi Osvaldo, I do agree with Stephen that the outline seems to tackle too broad an issue. Given the length of the paper, adressing three separate timelines, Cold War, Post-Cold War , and following 9/11 seems far too ambitious. It might be worth focussing on specific variables and analysing those over the three time periods as opposed to touch on each issue from 1 to 8. Perhaps looking at Russian voting patterns in the Arctic Council and one or two other issues that stretch over a twenty year period may allow you to focus your paper a bit more.
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Oct 27, 2015