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Bonte Koe
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J.B. handley, coming across this late in the game but have to start by acknowledging your initialed first name. Fabulous. With all due respect to your gigantic earth shattering three years in Korea, your piece sounds like it was written by a mediocre small time guy who may be struggling with a Napoleon complex.are you really so upset about actions taken by others to help s cause that seems important to you. I can understand if the real reason you are upset is because you are a small man who hasn't made a bit of difference on his own, other pulling at the heels of the bigger people who are actually in the fight. I suggest you put your laptop down, throw out the vanilla latte, and go try to ,ale a difference. Sorry, but little sideline judges like you are just impediments to the cause. Go do something.. Ok?
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Oct 29, 2015