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Celine Pentifallo
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Hi Ian, Glad you got to take a nice trip to a different part of Germany and you had a great time! Thanks for Face-Timing with me yesterday, it was a great conversation and really nice to chat!!! Have a great week! Love you xoxo Aunt Celine
by the way, does not sticks to cook, STINKS! heehee
Hi Ian! What a great Spring Break!!! I am so proud of you on so many levels! What an amazing picture of the Alps and I am so glad you go to experience skiing there. i am glad you had some alone time to get what it feels like, and cooking, yeah, kinda sticks do just do it for yourself, i have become the master of precooked meals! glad you are back in bonne with your host family; and that you had an excellent time in switzerland and france. As far as more students doing exchange programs, it takes a lot of braveness, boldness, guts, self confidence and endurance to do that and not a lot of people have all those qualities especially at your age, it usually takes a lifetime to gain them, and most people even do not. you are so way ahead of the game of life!! Keep up the amazing path you are one and be proud of yourself. love you lots!!! Aunt celine xo
Hi Ian, wow what a schedule, phew! so glad you have made friends there already and you are enjoying it all. you are brave and courageous and you will continue to do awesome. love you lots, aunt celine
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Nov 4, 2015