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Even though one boss I had could be a total jerk sometimes, I have to give him credit for *always* having our backs. If a customer crossed the line, I could throw them out, and simply told them "our other store is a couple blocks away. If you want to complain, just try it with the Middle-Eastern guy outside smoking a pipe. My only regret is that I won't be there to see it." My smile as I said this was actually less of a smile, and more of the look a python gives when about to grab some large prey.
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I had a boss like that once. I didn't get fired, but ended up walking out when I knew she needed me. I came back there a few days later for a coffee (I was hopelessly addicted), and the young lady behind the counter said "Oh, X told me that you quit because you couldn't stand working for a woman". I basically face-palmed, and replied that "um, you do know that my boss at my other job is a woman and the difference is that she doesn't suck".
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The only things worse than legos are d4s. Every D&D player out there has had horrific encounters with those caltrops.
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"I ATE'NT DEAD" -- Pterry
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Nov 10, 2015