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Some of the best parts of this scene were Adam getting his hot, cock-sucking ass getting fucked -- especially because I don't have to look at his face in those parts.
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I enjoy the variety, and mixing things up -- e.g. going from fucking to rimming or ATM -- instead of the paint-by-numbers kiss-suck-rim-fuck-cum progression. Not saying that I'd want to see the mix-it-up *all* the time, and getting *too* disjointed can be a problem. But since Lucas scenes are so long, they have room for a greater amount of mix-it-up while still allowing a reasonable amount of time for, say, fucking, before switching to a rimming interlude.
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Wrong. Both cumshots were real. Go and look at them frame-by-frame and you'll see the cream clearly shooting out of the cock-slit. Lucas has done plenty of fake cumshots, but NOT here. While on some sites, like Sketchy Sex, where a pan-away or an "inadvertently" (LOL) jerking-away camera sets up a faked cumshot, that is not the case here. They are just trying to hide the fact that Volkov had to manually jack off to cum. THAT has been, and continues to be, a staple of gay porn for ages (maybe 80% of the cumshots on CF are set up with a cut-away to hide the jacking), but in most cases those are still real cum-shooting.
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Nov 14, 2015