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Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to confirm - in the table above that you provided, you put "First text citation (either parenthetical or narrative)" - does "narrative" refer to running text? If I had 2 or more authors I am mentioning in running text, should I use an ampersand instead of "and", or are both forms acceptable? Example: "Smith and Stacey (2008) both described environmentalism . . . " - is this ok? Or should it be "Smith & Stacey (2008)"?
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Hi Chelsea, I'm trying to cite several authors at the beginning of my paragraph and am confused about whether or not to use parenthesis around the years. Would it be acceptable to leave the years in the first sentence below as-is, or would I need to add parenthesis around each year? Bishop et al., 2009; Horsford, 2010, 2011; Santamaría, Webber, & Pearson , 2014, suggested that, “Related research suggests that leadership in the new century needs to come from the experience and knowledge base of the largest number of people in many parts of the United States and many parts of the world” (as cited in Santamaría & Santamaría, 2015, p. 23).
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Thank you so much Chelsea for the response! I do have another question; I'm using the above format that you suggested every time I add a statistic from my CDE study and it's getting a little overbearing. Is it possible to omit the CDE,2015 citation next to every number if I attribute credit to the CDE in running text? For example: According to the data compiled from the California Department of Education (CDE, 2015), from 2013-2014, the majority of students in California were of Hispanic or Latino origin. Overall, 53% (3,321,274) of the students identified as Hispanic. Would the "Overall, 53% (3,321,274)" be ok as it is above, or would I have to add (CDE, 2015) in this instance and any others where I'm referencing numbers? Thank you!
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Hi Chelsea, I have a bunch of numbers to cite in my text and am unsure how to do so. Right now I have it as follows: African American teachers made up about 4% [10,857] (CDE, 2015). My work is filled with numerous sentences like the one above. Would this be the correct way to include the numbers I need and the CDE citation? I have multiple instances so I thought brackets next to parenthesis was the easiest. Please let me know if this is an accepted format. I read some other posts above and it seemed like I could use "4% (10,857: CDE, 2015) as well, but I wasn't sure. Thank you!
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Hello, I have a question about using parenthesis and brackets next to each other to present cited statistics; I am quoting data from a report, so I've included a citation in parenthesis at the end of the sentence to attribute credit to the source of the info, but right before that I've placed "over 60%" in brackets. I would normally put the 60% in parenthesis, but I thought that looked strange next to the (CDE, 2015) citation. Is this the correct way to punctuate for this particular scenario? Do I even need to add a data citation in parenthesis at the end of the sentence, or is it ok to omit the citation if in the running text attribute credit? EXAMPLE: While the majority of students in California are Hispanic [over 50%] the majority of their teachers and administrators are White [over 60%] (CDE, 2015). Thank you!
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Nov 16, 2015