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Emma Fetterly
Minneapolis: MN
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
Interests: Listening to music, reading, baking, exploring
Recent Activity
What a trip! It has taken a full week to formulate my exact thoughts surrounding the Seville trip as it was one of the most bittersweet, fun and exciting moments in my exchange thus far. The combination of great friends and a gorgeous setting led to some incredible memories and... Continue reading
Well it’s already May and I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s the update! To start off, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. No, I did not get the date wrong for all of you folks in the U.S, the holidays are actually different between the U.S. Spain. It is... Continue reading
Just like that Semana Santa is over and I’m back at school. Time is a funny thing when you study abroad, it can go so slowly in the moment but when you take a step back and realize that you’ve almost made it halfway through exchange it can be a... Continue reading
Finally spring break (or Semana Santa) is here! Easter Sunday also marks my second full month in Spain and as cliché as it sounds, these past two months have truly been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. The highs and lows have been all worth it though because I finally... Continue reading
These past two weeks have been a bit of a transitional period for me. I am settled into my life in Spain now and have shifted away from the “everything is completely new and strange” phase of my exchange. I feel very comfortable with my host family and have created... Continue reading
I am absolutely in awe that I have been in Spain for over a month now. At times it can feel like I just stepped off the plane yesterday, while at other times it feels like a million years since I've seen my family. To sum up my first month... Continue reading
This week was a lonely one in Tudela due to the fact that my school friends were whisked away to Lisbon on a school trip (I was not able to go due to paperwork complications) and I still had to attend school with the few remaining students who also did... Continue reading
I am not a poet, so this will not be an ode in its purest form but I do intend to dedicate this post to the delicious and ever-present Spanish ham. Jamón is way of life in Spain, it is included in every Spanish meal and regarded as the ultimate... Continue reading
This week was a little crazy because I ended up having strep throat and missing a few days of school. Although it was difficult being sick in a strange place I can say that my medical vocabulary has improved and I now know how to file an insurance claim, two... Continue reading
I realize that I have already blogged this week but I decided to make an exception in order to fully describe the magic that is Carnaval. You may be wondering what this “Carnaval” is and also if it is me trying (and failing) to spell the word “carnival” but I... Continue reading
After an amazing orientation of new friends, places and foods I started my real journey to Tudela and the hard part of my exchange. A large group of us traveled together from Barcelona to Zaragoza on a super fast train and the whole time we nervously imagined what our host... Continue reading
Before I set foot on the first flight that would eventually lead me to Spain I had a lot of emotions about the Boston pre-departure orientation. I was nervous about meeting the other exchange students and wondered what we would be doing. I was very intimidated by the idea of... Continue reading
My name is Emma Fetterly and I am thrilled to be writing my first post about my upcoming five-month adventure in Spain. I have a little under two weeks left in America and I’m not quite sure the enormity of my trip has hit me yet. I have feelings of... Continue reading
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Nov 30, 2015