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Zoe Clifton
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I now have one month left living in the wonderful country of Spain. Now to some a month may seem like a lot, but for me the thought of only having 4 more weeks seems like not nearly enough. My first four months flew by and I can’t even imagine... Continue reading
I just arrived back in Zaragoza after traveling to Sevilla for five days with the other foreign exchange students. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and full of unforgettable memories. Spending time with the foreign exchange students that I got to meet in Barcelona... Continue reading
The past week my family and I took a trip to Valencia, Spain for Semana Santa, our Spring Break here in Spain. Valencia is a beautiful city to the south and slightly east of Zaragoza, about a three hour drive away. We left early on Thursday morning and when we... Continue reading
Last weekend my family and I went up to their family home in the Pyrenees Mountains, between Spain and France. We spent our three day weekend at their home in a little pueblo called Plan. I have started to notice that many families here in Zaragoza, and most likely other... Continue reading
It has now been three weeks since I first arrived in Zaragoza, Spain, which shocks me because it doesn’t feel nearly that long. My love for the city, my host family, and my time in general here seems to grow more and more each day. Especially the days I get... Continue reading
This is now my eighth day in Spain and my sixth day living in Zaragoza! It has been a crazy week filled mostly with exciting events but also some difficulties that are to be expected when moving to a new country. When we (the other foreign exchange students and I)... Continue reading
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Nov 30, 2015