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Well please ... be my guest debunk & criticize away. Mr Duterte need not worry how his overtures towards Asian partners are received at home. That's the least of his worries. Its how they are being received by those who occupy the seat of power inside the beltway that matters ... hence the rise of another Islamic insurgency in another country that the US 'Empire' like to use as a static aircraft carrier & troop base ... If the host nation becomes hostile to the US 'way of doing things' or all of a sudden it begins to draw away from the US sphere of influence then its simple ... it gets destroyed, normally by a colour revolution or an Islamic Jihad. Please debunk my tinfoil hat crackpot theories since you already occupy the factual 'key terrain' as you have so self-righteously claimed. Kindest Regards
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2017 on DECAMERON: NEO-CON RESET at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Myanmar - shaping up to become a new hydrocarbon overland transit route from the Gulf for China (avoiding the Malacca Straights maritime chokepoint) in exchange for an invitation into the OBOR Project - Well it was until - All of a sudden the Royhingas have been murdered en masse & driven into exile into neighbouring Bangladesh (incidentally has anybody actually seen ANY pictorial moving footage evidence of ANY of this?) Bangladesh ... where the 'jihad' to avenge the Royhinga pogrom will be launched into Myanmar ... has just 'accepted' an offer from the Kingdom of Saudi to construct hundreds of new Mosques & Madrassas ... the perfect breeding ground to hatch a new generation of Jihadis in SE Asia. Bangladesh will be in a perfect geographic position to threaten neighbouring Indian provinces too. India has the largest Muslim population outside of the Muslim world. There several million Bangladeshi migrant workers inside The Gulf states working for a pittance ... who knows what some of them are up too. Catlonia ... is/was setting itself up as a major LNG entry point into the EU from North Africa ... primarily Algeria, since the predicted US 'Shale Boom' has not actually materialised in sufficient volume to 'wean' the EU away from Russian Gas supplies. Syria & now the likely formation of this quasi Kurdish state straddling the Shia Crescent ... it really IS all about the Gas ... how can the Syrian state access its hydrocarbons & move them abroad to the foreign market if somebody else has been encouraged to create a quasi state right on top of them? The Phillipines ... the southern half of the Island chain is predominantly Muslim & since Duterte began making friendly overtures to regional players i.e. China they now have a full blown 'insurgency' in the south despite plenty of US Military hardware in the very local region (or is id direcly BECAUSE of the proximity of US Military forces?). The Ukraine ... I could go on ....
Are sure you have the title correct? 'Reset' - Personally I don't think there has ever been a 'reset'. It's the same as it ever was - they are still there operating in plain sight & pulling the strings & levers of power in both the US Senate & Congress, of course the influence of the AIPAC 'bloc' cannot be overlooked. HRC was their candidate, as was BHO, as was Bush the younger, as was WJC et al. PNAC is alive & well, the plan is still to destroy any nation which can independently produce/supply hydrocarbons outside of the control of the US/Saudi hydrocarbon cartel, or act as a third party transit corridor to China or Europe. These nations typically fall foul of 'coloured revolutions', or ethinc minorities within them - normally Sunni Muslims suddenly become the victims of 'ethnic cleansing' by State Govt forces, no proof of this (pictures, moving images etc is ever provided by the MSM). The issue is presented to the world as an 'uman rights issue. Often local Sunni extremists (sometime in neighbouring states) then wage 'Jihad' & thus the state in question is totally destroyed & 'Balkanised in the process. Coupled with this is the ongoing operation to isolate Russian geopolitical & economic influence over Festung Europa whilst drawing an ever more 'Balkanized 'Europa' into more reliance on US influenced sources of hydrocarbons. Simultaneous to this is the encirclement of Russia on 3 sides with THAAD style weapons & conventional military forces to create a preemptive Nuclear/Conventional Strike Scenario a reality. In the Asia Pacific region its also a similar plan directed against China. All of this is directly linked to maintaining the economic hegemony of the US 'Empire' into the 21st Century. Its not that simple to work out or follow. Just my vacant ramblings this fine Monday morning 'downunder' feel free to rip it apart as you wish.
With the utmost respect I shall 'pass the salt on this one' & remember my experiences of my six tours during a real 'Dirty War' that I took part in that lasted a lifetime & took the lives of 763 of my comrades, 319 Policemen & 1841 civilians. I guess it counts for something if you had 'skin in the game'.
I would not have a clue if programmes such as PBS Newshour receive public funding. But that would hardly make a difference. The media is absolutely complicit in the 'soft coup' that is being forced upon your country by those corporate entities & 'individuals at large' who pull the strings of power & influence across the entire spectrum of government & industry. I won't go as far as to state that they 'live in the shadows' because quite frankly all of this is happening in plain sight, all ine has to do is open ones eyes. For the record it is not just an affliction upon you Nation, its not even contagious, its everywhere in the so called 'Western World'
All this talk out on MSM channels about how much worse this shooting COULD have been had these weapons been fitted with 'suppressors' or 'silencers' ... started by none other than Mdme Clinton of course. Those of you who 'are not in the know' but have watched the numerous first hand accounts will have heard the very distinctive supersonic 'crack thump' of the rounds as they passed close by the individuals filming the event at close hand. It's the tell tale sign that you are on the 'receiving end' of some high velocity weapon fire; once heard - never forgotten. In my training it was introduced to us as 'battlefield inoculation' & it was very distinctive. No 'supressor' or silencer will be able to conceal the supersonic shock-wave created by the passage of a high velocity bullet as it passes you. If enough of them are fired at you - say more that 10 - 20 in one 'sitting' its becomes pretty easy to determine the direction they have originated from. A 'supressor' or silencer will reduce the 'thump' noise that immediately follows the 'crack' that signals the bullets passage. The 'thump' is the sound of the weapon firing & that noise reaching you, with practice you can begin to determine the range that the weapon is being fired from by calculating the time between the 'crack' & the 'thump'. In the case of the Las Vegas incident the 'crack & thump' come almost together, which would have indicated that the firer was within 500 metres or so. Banning 'supressors' or silencer is not the answer. Bump fire kits would help, but I fail to see a civilian application for self-loading military designed assault rifles that have been modified to only fire single shots. What is the civilian application for these weapons? I understand that it is not a weapon that kills people, but surely enough is enough now?
Lisa Jean is the pretty looking young lady who is the subject in the YT video seen assembling her 'bump fire' kit on to her privately owned 'AR15 Style' fire arm, which sports a very natty heavy duty fluted barrel (no doubt chrome lined), heavy duty Flash Eliminator (flash suppressor), Picatinny Rail Systems, Telescopic Stock, Reflex Sight, Front Hand Grip & plenty of 200rd Drum Magazines & 30rd plastic 'see through' magazines. I still look at this style of weapon from the view point I had during my military service. Other than the ability to fire on fully automatic it is almost identical to the type of weapon I used on numerous occasions. I still find it perplexing that civilians can openly purchase, own & openly carry (with a magazine fitted) examples of such a weapon in public in your country. Let alone see pretty young ladies who go down to the range wearing bikinis who then turn plenty of serviceable ammunition into brass. In a way I guess I am jealous. Now I have retired & hung up the Gladio for good I know I will never get to fire such a weapon in my country again. It was designed for one purpose only, that use was a military application & we both know what it is.
I find it amazing that 'the powers that be' are able to absolutely rule out ANY connection to a terrorist organisation - whether domestic (or foreign for that matter) less than 12hrs after the even yet we are still watching the Trump & Russia collusion pantomime play out day after day after day. That's some amazing 'intel' & research & insight into one previously U/K male John Doe.
I don't know about you but Lisa Jean is kind of hot no?
A wise & ethical policy perhaps? ... Say what you wish ... Jimmy Dore & his contributors have an ability to add sarcasm & irony to this ridiculous farce & it makes me smile. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
I personally maintain my view that the maintenance of Western Military Forces in Central Asia has EVERYTHING to do with the proximity to Iran, Iranian, Turkmen & Azeri Gas & its future supply to Europe & the developing OBOR project. It also conveniently aligns with Mackinder's concept of a pivotal area based around the natural seat of power in the Central Asia region. To state that no timelines or details will be published or released to maintain 'OPSEC' tells me that the new plan is just the old plan in a new shiny folder. Nothing new there then. DT has obviously been shown the '20 minute movie' & then during one of his planned moves no doubt he as suddenly found himself alone somewhere without any Secret Service Protection, all of course innocently blamed on a shortage of staffing due to illness. All of a sudden they nickel has dropped & he has realized he could be 'fired' at a moments notice, lest he comply with the Deep States demands. Thus ..... More blood will be spilled & more treasure will be squandered. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Lars, Thank you for your wonderfully condensed 'Saving Private Ryanesque' lesson on the chronology of the Second World War. The Nazis had actually been under 'attack' for sometime... I must say it so conveniently airbrushes out so many of the key events & sacrifices made by several key Allied Nations who stood & fought the Nazis while others very cleverly stood around on the touchline with the bucket, sponge & oranges in hand for some time. The great American industrialists profiteered from the fighting by transforming American industry into one that built the weapons of war & then exported them for a couple of years to the fight for a princely sum under lend lease agreements; whilst no doubt sniggering as many went to the bottom of the North Atlantic at the hands of the German U - Boat Wolfpack. I know that public opinion in the USA was divided about the decision to commit to war, just like it was in 1917. For an alarming majority of Millennials the attack on Pearl would probably be their 'go to' answer in a multiple choice question for the event which triggered the outbreak of World War Two. Thus it is also the catchphrase used today to describe all manner of possible future events that could lead to military action. In actual fact although it gave the US Navy a bloody nose it was not strategic success the Japanese had hoped for. Thus today we are presented with a very warped version of the truth about how the second World War was actually won. It was won by the Allies - plural - the land campaign in the East was the predominant land battle against the Nazis. Had the Battle of the North Atlantic been lost by the Royal Navy then Britain would have fallen (regardless of what the Royal Air Force have to boast about the Battle of Britain) & the subsequent land campaigns against Germany would have never happened - including D - Day. The Battle of the North Atlantic was the longest single Allied campaign of the Second World War yet few if any can actually name it. The land campaigns in North Africa, Italy & France, The Low Countries & finally inside Germany itself combined with the tactic of mass aerial bombing on Germany's industrial & populations centres simply pale in comparison to the sheer size & sacrifice in the East & at sea both in the Atlantic & the Pacific. The War against the Japanese was predominantly fought by the US forces but there was a significant & protracted effort by the British & their Indian imperial Army in Burma & the Australians in New Guinea. As a retired soldier who has seen war myself my comments take nothing away from the sacrifice of those who fell. War is an aberration & humanity never seems to learn from history. Its a sad irony that such a young Country seems hell bent on tearing down a few statues that are reminders of recent history. History is best remembered as is. After all, without our history we are - as others have said, just a pack of dogs. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Thank you for posting this. It is very interesting to review this now, since I chewed dirt there & lost many comrades there. The issues that you highlighted were paramount in the minds of many of the leaders at my level during the years I served there on & off from late 2001 until 2007. Our efforts had a very lofty morally attractive virtuous (read vague) end state; one only has to listen with closed eyes to the first response to Col Lang. The reality on the ground was far from this lofty noble virtuous reality. There was a total lack of clarity of direction right at the very lowest levels - right down to the level where we were actually patrolling & clearing routes only in order to ensure that they were clear to ensure we could use them ... they (the routes) were so dangerous that the indigenous population were so afraid that they had long since stopped using them. We had become the epitome of the self licking ice cream & we were hemorrhaging men to IEDs checking these routes & we were channeled into direct fire ambush points by the nature of the threat of operating what was in effect a medium density minefield sowed with IEDs. All of our effort in Helmand - by British & then US troops was in vain Helmand is now back under Taliban control. It is interesting that Pakistan is mentioned. In RCSOUTH we had a long contiguous border with Pakistan, it was NEVER secured. We did not have the combat power to do this. As Col Lang implied, the sheer size of the country coupled with the sixe of the military force we deployed made this physically impossible. I always laugh when I listen to the the scholars with their lofty ideas about creating Govts in our image inside places like Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya. Clearly they have never been there or if they have they walked around with their eyes closed. The ideas they speak of look great on a powerpoint slide but fail on contact with the ground reality of corruption in places like Afghanistan. Finally the training of the Afghan Army, I also was involved in training them, as part of an OMLT in Helmand. Personally I did not find them brave, or find them willing to fight for their 'country'. My tour with an OMLT was my final operational tour of my 24 year career, the 11th tour of my career, I rank it as the most hazardous of my career, primarily due to working in close proximity to the Officers (if you can call them that) & soldiers of the Afghan Army. I found them simply 'untrainable' as described by Lt Col Ralp Peters in the video. Both your words & his are the most truthful & enlightening of all of the speakers. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Zero credibility for the link below of course ... because it's RT ...
People actually watch this stuff .... Its frightening. Whether we here know she is an ass hat or not, she like the many of her ilk on both sides of the aisle get all the air time. Its just like the scoundrels stalking the Parliament of my country of birth & the Govt buildings of the nation I have now chosen to adopt. Most of them are complete nutters. They get all the credibility they need to maintain the momentum behind the story that is being pedalled to keep the paranoia going. This Presidency might well be toppled, there might indeed be a 'hot war' brewing with Russia & subsequently China. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Meanwhile, Where is all the IT equipment that was found at the rental owned by the once employee of DWS? Does it hold the information that would break open the case that would put the 'Trump colluding with Russia dunnit stole our election from Hillary' story in the trash can where it belongs? The utter MSM silence on this issue simply speaks for itself. SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Fair enough, I simply made a precis from the words on his online bio; to assume that means I bow to his & only his views on all & everything to do with Russia & the LEAK is stretching it a little. I was simply giving the guy a little more credibility in these parts than certain individuals who keep pumping out the 'Russia dunnit' meme in our as I put it ... 'cafe'/'salon'/'mess'/'DFAC'/NAAFI/'Bar' or whatever we are calling it. As yet not one person has been able to provide on single item of PROOF that Russia was involved. That he may be, but he is a member of VIPS no? And thus far VIPS has nobody else willing to come forward to give an interview. A 'grandstander' he may have become but when faced with the sort of stuff I have linked in the following post from the likes of Morning Joe & Co surely some kind of voice is better than none. The whole 'Russia dunnit meme' & the investigation - if it did not have such serious consequences both domestically & for all of us has now become such a farce that it is fast becoming a farce itself. Otherwise a total smokescreen is created or the media just continues with complete 'radio silence' - as we are witnessing in the strange case of Ms Wasserman-Schultz & her Congressional PAK IT Consultancy Franchise scandal. For the recored here is RM's interview in April for anybody who is interested ... April 2017 ... yep still very relevant ... SRJB Per Mare Per Terram
Aaaaaaaand ... here come 3 'Willy Peters' .... PAUSS ... let the smoke build ..... smoke screen & bullshit bullshit bullshit These two should be sectioned under whatever mental health act you have in the US.
At this point it might be useful to revisit the interview Ray McGovern gave in April this year. Ray McGovern, a 27-year veteran of the CIA and co-founder of VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) ... rather more credibility in my mind than a few of the opinions skulking about in this 'cafe'/'salon'/'mess'/'DFAC'/NAAFI/'Bar'. Per Mare Per Terram
I am lucky to live out my retirement on the shores of one of Ausralias largest fresh water Lakes at the mouth of the mighty Murray River where it meets the Great Southern Ocean. At this entrance William Flinders once bumped into Nicolas Baudin, the commander of the French Baudin expedition of 1800-03. It was named by Matthew Flinders as Encounter Bay after his encounter with Baudin on 8 April 1802. Technically both Nations were at war but so far from home both Ships & crew were cordial & both Captains spent nights as guests on each others cabins. They were both exploring the coastline of the Great Southern Land, most importantly looking for a source of fresh water. All they could see on the the shoreline were sand dunes & tussock grass. If only they could know what lay a few hundred yards across those dunes ... From my balcony I have a grandstand view of sheer tranquility & a wonderful tableau of bird activity. The lake is a habitat for many species of waterbird, including migratory waders, or shorebirds, which breed in northern Asia and Alaska. Species supported by the lake include the critically endangered orange-bellied parrots, endangered Australasian bitterns, vulnerable fairy terns, as well as over 1% of the world populations of Cape Barren geese, Australian helducks, great cormorants and sharp-tailed sandpipers. I also see great egrets, superb fairy wrens, Caspian Terns, Pacific golden plovers Eurasian Coots, white faced herons & Swamp Harriers. There is a small wooden public jetty opposite opposite our house where huge groups of pelicans and great cormorants congregate every day. Proof of he amount of fish swimming in the lake. My favourite is a lone white bellied sea eagle who patrols east to west then in reverse in the early morning then again before last light every day like clockwork along the shoreline. Magnificent, & not a bad place to relax now the Gladio is hung up for good. Per Mare Per Terram
Sir, Yes it is. Sergeant Major is correct. Traditionally our officers address as you as such, or 'Mr (Surname)' can also be used. SNCOs use Sergeant Major too. I always wanted my Corporals & Lance Corporals to use this as I wanted them to be differentiated from my Marines & wanted this to be seen by the Marines. I really valued my Junior Leaders (I was one once & did 4 operational tours as one!). Junior Leaders are part of the sinew & glue that makes the bottom half stick to the top half of any Infantry Unit especially in combat. I also always tried to make time for an open forum with them at least once every month where time allowed. The Marines used the more formal 'Sir'. The only exception were Marines who had served 12 years or more & had 3 Good Conduct Badges (nicknamed '3 Badge Marines') or Marines who had served 15 years or more & had been awarded the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (nicknamed the 'Blue') They also used 'Sergeant Major' in my Company, some of them had served in the Corps longer than I had & they had earned it. Per Mare Per Terram
I would agree, yes. You cannot turn back hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Men are from Mars, young 'warfighters' in the Infantry & Special Forces of our Anglo American partnership are, by their nature 'Martians'. They rely on the combined cohesiveness of their close knit & selfless ethos fed by a healthy dose of testosterone to achieve this by sheer force of collective will. Their primary mission is to close with & kill the enemy, at close quarters. Anything that creates a distraction from their primary task is a distraction. In this post modern snowflake gender neutral binary world this concept is beyond a point of reference for the majority of our populace.
Personally I think it comes from the bra burning Anglo American agenda of 'feminazism' that has all but neutered the political, educational, judicial & now it seems military leadership of the entire western world. There is of course some input from Marvel Comics & a fair chunk of Hollywood & media noise thrown in thanks to the latest 'super hero' flick, GI Jane, reality TV & the like. Marvel comic book heroes aside, the comparison of female participation in the Russian Army during WWII, the constant use of the Israeli experience & endless use of ancient examples of 'wimmin' in combat are utterly unrealistic. Our Anglo American communities are SOLELY recruited from volunteers, with relatively high unemployment rates our armed forces can now choose to be picky. Because of the world situation our Anglo American partnership has pretty much exclusively created, our Infantry & Special Forces WILL deploy regularly & these operational deployments are long, expeditionary in nature, very spartan & arduous in nature & they WILL involve close dismounted infantry combat with an irregular enemy in a multidimensional environment. Neither the Russian nor the Israeli experience is as such. Our people are not fighting battles on their own soil in a war of national survival like the Russian people were doing in WWII. On ALL of my 11 (eleven) operational deployments - operational in EVERY rank from OR 1 to OR 8 with a weapon in my hands - I have served alongside females. To this date even though I have been retired 7 years & 6 months I have still spent more of my life in a uniform than as a civilian. It is in my blood. NONE of those females has been deployed in a dismounted close combat role. All have been quite happy to 'stay in their lane'. I have never met one who wanted to jump in my lane. On the subject of Homosexuality & Lesbianism I am old enough to remember these 2 simple binary groups ... I personally knew several colleagues who were gay, at work it was in the closet, when out socially it was in the closet, sometimes they would slip away unnoticed. Their private lives never interfered with their professional lives. When I joined up being 'found out' as 'gay' was an offence that would lead to an 'Administrative Discharge'. You were even asked if you were 'gay' or had ever had sex with a man during your recruitment process. Females to us were an anathema, there were no women in my Corps. Only last year I believe the UK Govt has opened up further 'opportunities' in the Armed Forces to 'wimmin' When I joined up females in the British Armed Forces did not serve on the 'Front Line'. They wore 'Barrack Dress' - Blouse style Shirts & Skirts & Court Shoes. They did Admin - they got you paid, were Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Photographic Interpreters & a thousand other crucial roles. Lesbians stood out clearly ... mostly in the Army. They were more overt. Now females serve in the Band Service which is an entirely separate part of my Corps. I wonder if the UK policy will change now that the US is about to perform an 'About Face'? Per Mare Per Terram
Yet again we see more than a hint of malfeasance by officials within the DNC prior to the 2016 US Presidential Election. And yet again the usual suspect start 'throwing smoke' ... in order lay a smokescreen & divert everybody towards the "Russia dunnit" meme ... its so noticeable here now as it is everywhere in internet land that its becoming more ridiculous by the day. Seriously ... how are people supposed to take this Russia line 'seriously' when held up to the light & compared against the four years of HRC as SoS at the State Dept, the nefarious goings on within the DNC by Wasserman-Shultz, Brazzlle & the the Clinton Team with Podesta et al? The whole Russia story IS THE biggest smoke screen ... aided & abetted by the media & literally millions of willing ordinary people who have been all too happy to swallow the bullshit hook line & sinker. Useful idiots ... all of them. I am a firm believer than Wasserman-Shultz is part of the Israeli system that has penetrated the entire US political & Judicial scene inside the Beltway .... two of the main 'handlers' in this are none other than Ghislane Maxwell & Geoffrey Epstein. I believe that there are plenty of useful idiots across the political spectrum on both sides of the Atlantic that have enjoyed the 'corporate hospitality' offered buy Mr Epstein & his 'Lolita Express'. Thus you will find nobody with the balls to prosecute the likes of the Clintons, Podesta or DWS for that matter ... thus they can get away with murder (literally) Federal organisations like the FBI are seemingly unable to access the IT infrastructure of such organisations as the DNC. HRC should now be languishing in a cell for several Capital Offences including Treason ... it stands out like a dick on a donkey. Dons tinfoil hat. Per Mare Per Terram
From my own experience at the sharp end of the spear for 24 years I can only support what Lieutenant General Gregory Newbold (U.S. Marine Corps, ret.) had to say in 2015 after two females 'graduated' from Ranger School. He is a former infantryman, having commanded units from the platoon through the 1st Marine Division. His last assignment was as Director of Operations, the Joint Staff. 'Graduated' means they completed a Ranger School Course, it DOES NOT mean they successfully completed US Army Infantry Ranger Training, I would assume this qualifies them to serve in some kind of role with US Ranger units with the US Special Operations Community. In the same way that in the UK in 2001 a female officer in the British Army successfully completed the All Arms Commando Course (AAC); she went on to serve in 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines (3Cdo Bde RM). This course is a predominantly Army funded course that is run by at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) at Lympstone in Devon, UK by a mixture of Royal Marines Commando trained ranks & Army Commando trained ranks. Interestingly, this individual subsequently served as the Unit Education Officer in the Commando Logistic Regiment (CLR) in 3Cdo Bde RM before returning to the regular Army. She took three (three) attempts at the course & actually rejoined her final course partway through instead of commencing from the beginning which was unprecedented. Potential Candidates were, at the time only allowed 2 (two) attempts at the AAC. For one of the physical tests where she was required to carry another person i.e. a 'firemans carry' (one person wearing full fighting order (23lbs) & carrying a personal weapon with the carrier dressed the same) she was allowed to use a female Naval Rating from the CTCRM Sickbay (Medical Centre). Other Candidates just paired off with whoever was next to them (the test is designed to simulate the carriage of a casualty under extreme physical duress, & it is completed straight after an Assault Course). Much was made of her success in the UK Media ... it was even stated in the UK Media that she had completed the 'gruelling Royal Marines Commando Course'. At the time I was with my comrades chasing bad guys in the sand box in Central Asia often above 8000ft carrying in excess of 90lbs .... wondering why those 'grown ups; at home had allowed this to happen. The AAC is only 13 weeks in duration. The Royal Marines Commando Course last for 32 weeks & is the longest Basic Infantry training course in the world with one of the highest attrition rates to boot. I quote him directly ... Please forgive me for this; Lt Gen Newbold is far more eloquent with the keyboard than me & these 'cherry picked' sentences do much to summarize why, as combat veterans, we have trouble communicating our objections to the introduction of women into Close Combat roles. "The public understands that individuals who have engaged in brutal combat seldom want to talk about their experiences, and it is broadly thought that this is because of the horrors evoked by these memories. More generally, though, this reticence is due to an inability for one side to convey, and the other to understand, not only horrors, but the context of the fight." "So veterans of the true horrors of combat don’t talk about it." He continues ... "The current debate about women in the infantry takes place in an artificial context, because it nearly always self-limits the discussion to physical capabilities. Within these incomplete parameters, the argument is then set, and the preamble is that physical standards and performance are measurable and what is not measurable is subjective and probably unfair. Once physical quantifications are set as the only requirement that matters, it then stands to reason that if you can define infantry requirements in terms of, for example, a number of pull-ups, a hike with 60 to 80 pounds of extra weight, or carrying a 180-pound simulated casualty to safety, then you can assess whether females are suited to infantry units. Honest and informed observers will acknowledge that medical science indicates that, in the physical domain, the two genders are an unequal match. Even a very fit woman is not generally the equal of a fit man. The competition is no competition in aerobic capacity, load bearing, reach, body fat percentage, and other germane measures of combat fitness. But (the informed argument proceeds), even if it is only the top 5 percent of women who can replace the bottom 5 percent of men, why not allow the 5 percent to integrate and thereby improve the combat efficiency of the unit? For example, it has been argued Ronda Rousey — the accomplished and undoubtedly tough mixed martial artist — could be an excellent addition to an infantry unit. The falsity of this debate is found in its restriction of analysis to its physical context (as most recently demonstrated in an article published yesterday at War on the Rocks). Why is the debate limited to physical capabilities? For two reasons. First, supporters of full integration will not accept what cannot be irrefutably proven (and sometimes not even then). Second, practitioners of infantry warfare have great difficulty describing the alchemy that produces an effective infantry unit, much as it is difficult for those of faith to explain their conviction to an atheist. Try that by quantitative analysis. But allow me a poor effort to explain what tempers the steel of an infantry unit and therefore serves as the basis of its combat power. The public understands that individuals who have engaged in brutal combat seldom want to talk about their experiences, and it is broadly thought that this is because of the horrors evoked by these memories. More generally, though, this reticence is due to an inability for one side to convey, and the other to understand, not only horrors, but the context of the fight. Saying that “It was hot” is a futile way to describe the 23rd consecutive day of temperatures over 100 degrees and flesh-soaking humidity, but the description does an even poorer job of conveying the exacerbating details — the burden of 30 to 80 pounds of personal equipment, mind-bending physical exertion, energy-sapping adrenaline highs, or the fact that the threadbare clothes you wore were unchanged for over three weeks and may have been “scented” by everything from food, to blood, dysentery, and whatever was in the dirt that constituted your bed. And don’t forget insects of legendary proportion and number. More importantly, a story thus told cannot explain that the fellow soldier or Marine who you tried desperately to put back together was the same one who shared the duties of clearing the urinals, the pleasures of a several nights of hilarious debauchery, and multiple near-death experiences — a comrade in arms who has heard more about your personal thoughts than your most intimate friends or family. So veterans of the true horrors of combat don’t talk about it. Please understand, then, that it is equally difficult to describe the ingredients of an efficient ground fighting machine, because the ingredients are intangible, decidedly not quantitative, and proudly subjective. An infantryman’s lot is to endure what we think is unendurable, to participate in the inhumane, and to thrive in misery. Normal humans do not deliberately expose themselves to confront a machine gun that is firing at them over 10 rounds a second. “Smart” humans do not run toward the sound of gunfire. Logic does not tell you to lay down your life in the hope that you can recover an already dead comrade. And normal organizations do not strive, as their first priority, to evoke fear. For you see, the characteristics that produce uncommon valor as a common virtue are not physical at all, but are derived from the mysterious chemistry that forms in an infantry unit that revels in the most crude and profane existence so that they may be more effective killers than their foe. Members of such units deliberately reduce the individual and collective level of humanity and avoid all distractions so that its actions are fundamental, instinctive, and coldly efficient. Polite company, private hygiene, and weakness all step aside. These are the men who can confront the Islamic State, North Korean automatons, or Putin’s Spetsnaz and win every time. Believe me, you will need them, and we don’t get to choose when that will be. In this direct ground combat environment, you do not fight for an ideal, a just cause, America, or Mom and apple pie. You endure the inhumanity and sacrifices of direct ground combat because, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” This selflessness is derived from bonding, and bonding from shared events and the unquestioning subordination of self for the good of the team. But what destroys this alchemy — and, therefore, combat effectiveness — are pettiness, rumor-mongering, suspicion, and jealousy. And when fighting spirit is lessoned, death is the outcome. So “fairness” is an obscenity. Fairness is about individuals. It’s selfish. And selfishness can kill. Nineteen-year-old males everywhere are from Mars. They, and their early twenty-something brethren, are overloaded with testosterone, supremely confident about their invincibility, and prone to illogical antics. This sometimes produces intemperate behavior in everyday America, but the same traits are, by the way, nearly ideal for direct ground combat. The same youthful ingredients produce unacceptable behavior in the pristine and low pressure environments of boarding schools, academic institutions, and cubicle farms. Truth be told, in later stages of life these traits also lead to humiliating interactions on Capitol Hill or in the White House. Why, then, do we suppose that sexual dynamics — or mere perceptions thereof — among the most libido laden age cohort in humans, in the basest of environs, will not degrade the nearly spiritual glue that enables the infantry to achieve the illogical and endure the unendurable? Two women just graduated from the Army’s very, very difficult Ranger School. The surprise of that is that it surprised anyone. There unquestionably are women who can pass any physical challenge the military may require. We should celebrate those who succeed and encourage others. They are worthy role models, and certainly not just to women. But the issue we’re now debating has to include a recognition of cohesion and the cost of sexual dynamics in a bare-knuckled brawl, amidst primeival mayhem, in which we expect the collective entity to persevere because it has a greater will and fighting spirit, and not because it is bigger, faster, or more agile. The championship team in virtually any professional sport may only coincidentally be the most physically talented, but it most assuredly will be the most cohesive. Why not appreciate the same ingredients in infantry units? Finally, you may bet your future earnings that the current effort to integrate the infantry will not cease with a few extraordinary females, but will eventually accommodate a social engineering goal by changing standards. Think I am wrong? It’s already happening. Read the words and understand the goals of the current Secretary of the Navy (an arsonist in the fire department) and the Secretary of the Air Force, and examine what we now call “the Dempsey Rule.” If I’m wrong, the cost may be denied opportunity to strong and impressive young women. If you’re wrong, our national security is shaken and there is a butcher’s bill to pay. Make your choice. The line forms on the left." Here endeth Lt Gen Newbold's lesson with a little bit from an old soldier not so young in age. Per Mare Per Terram