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James “Doc” Scaminaci III
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Your cross-tabulated data appears very odd. Even if this refers to just Republican voters it seems odd. On page 23, 81 percent of "very liberal" respondents supported shutting down mosques in the US, but only 39 percent of the "very conservative." Really? 56 percent of the "very liberal" Republicans(?) thought Muslims cheered on 9/11,as did just 54 percent of "very conservative" Republicans(?). On page 24, 81 percent of the "very liberal" Republicans(?) favored creating a national database of Muslims, but only 50 percent of the "very conservative" Republicans(?)? And, 48 percent of the "very liberal" Republicans(?) believed Islam should be legal. These "very liberal" Republicans, if that is what they are, do not appear to be very liberal. Sometimes, they appear to be more 'conservative' than the "very conservative" in your poll.
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Dec 8, 2015