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Pierre de la Verre
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Thanks Louisa, an interesting case with an unexpected solution. This reminds me of a similar story where a "1 meter measuring tape" consisted of 99 centimetres ...
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Oops - I misread "SOLAR from ACAD2-18-updated" to "SOLAR from ACAD2018-updated" ...
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Hi Shaan "_audit" in the drawing brings up 17 errors (which can be fixed) like AcDbViewTableRecord: "JUPITER" View Width <= 0.0 1.0 Pierre
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I like(d) the Nozzle and the Columbia too, but some years ago I used the Color Wheel very often to print and to understand a bunch of confusing, messed up CTBs.
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Hi are there also some examples on Lisp?
Thanks Scott, let's see. I'm sure that devs outside of the Forge will be interested too ;-)
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Hi Scott I wonder if Autodesk will publish this (or a basic part of it) to the devs of 3rd party apps? So also the apps could be more standardized. Pierre
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Hi Augusto I working example in Lisp would be great :-)
Hi just found the 2017-version here: Hoping for a 2018-version coming soon ;-)
Hi to all it would be great if the tool will be updated for versions 2017 and 2018. Any change to realize it? Pierre
Hi I just started to download it, and at the moment I don't know the contents, but I'm sure it is very helpful and useful. Sometimes compact and stable content is important - and the download offers exactly this .. Thanks!
Guten Morgen ihr Anmeldelink führt zu einer Seite, die andere Termine zu anderen Seiten anbietet. Was ist da nun richtig? Grüsse Pierre
Thanks, works fine!
Hi Madhukar please provide a link to download the screencast in a common format (as Screencast" can only be downloaded by its author). Regards Peter
I don't know how well-known "Loriot" is here (German comedian, humorist, cartoonist, film director, actor and writer), but his famous sketches (discussions between wife and husband) brings this problem (communication, not maths) to the point ....
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2016 on Pizza by the Slice at It is Alive in the Lab
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Typepad HTML Email Thanks Scott have a fine time!
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Typepad HTML Email Thanks, Scott. > With the state of reprography being what it is .... Just for my curiosity about your opinion – could you drop some lines to precise this a little? ;-)
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No, I don't think so. I understand this posting that a new software package (for PC) to handle and manage PDF in different ways is under developing, and I was curious about the current state of it. But maybe I misunderstood .. Peter
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Coming to this post from here from here I googled for PDF Magick - and found only this blog. So - who knows the current state of this project / software? Peter
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Thanks - I have it. :-)
BTW: For the posting above (the first in this thread) I tried to use the following content, but the "Preview" was closed automatically after half a second and this edit field was empty again. Now it seem to be OK with the Preview ... ??? ----- Hi Madhukar for the old-school Lisp-guys it would be fine if you would upload the mentioned sample Cuix. Thanks ;)
Hi Madhukar for the old-school Lisp-guys it would be fine if you would upload the mentioned sample Cuix. Thanks ;)
Thanks, important topic! Pierre