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I cant argue with that point. It may not be an RPG game, but the RP potential are immense. Just wanted to point out a detail that many have a hard time differentiating on, that many think that MMO and MMORPG is one and the same.
A couple errors I would like to point out in that video. SC did not start on KS, it started on their own website, KS was added later among other things because it offered more payment options, and because some people had problems getting through on their website. And they asked for $2 million not a half million. Its a common misconception. Because people see its been on KS they automatically assume it started there, because that's what most crowd funded games does. And the information about it starting on their own website has been obscured by other things over the years and is difficult to find. And the reference to MMORGs seems to imply that SC is an MMORPG, this is also incorrect. SC is an MMO, but not an MMORPG, at least not in the traditional sense. This could give people the impression that SC is a game like your traditional MMORPG. If it were up to me I would classify it as an MMO sim. Otherwise its a great video, I enjoyed watching it.
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Dec 18, 2015