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William Murphy
Former Senior Manager in Public Sector, specialising in assessing leadership and management potential.
Interests: Maximising through enjoying everything I do, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
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Everything that has been said in the above statements are, of course, helpful and will achieve success. If, however, the goal is to achieve that success sooner rather later, making best use of a short space of time in a busy working day, then consider this option: The manager has the challenge of ensuring that an individual performs to at least the minimum standard required on any given task, be it a transaction, report, plan or strategy. The keyword here is'we'. 'How are we going to resolve this issue', not you or I, we. When 'we' is used, the issue and its complexities are shared between both people. The person feels empowered and the manager specifies the requirements and best methodology to achieve it. Asking for additional thoughts and ideas from the individual further increases ownership and empowerment. Together, both people have achieved the desired outcome for these reasons. Communication, Sharing Responsibility and Empowerment. This approach, amongst others, goes a long way to ensuring that minimum standards are greatly exceeded.....consistently.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2015 on Leaders: Beware Comparisons at All Things Workplace
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Couldn't agree more with the 'Thank you' mentality. There are though additional reasons why this small gesture can produce significant benefits. By thanking someone as a result of their efforts, naturally fosters a feel good factor and strengthens or initiates a bond. When a situation later occurs, where the same person's efforts warrant a response that is not complimentary, that person is much more likely to listen and want to correct their actions/behaviour/workrate. Why? They will want to do it for you because you've already demonstrated your fairness and give credit where it is due. That makes the task of correcting wrongs much easier to do and much easier to receive because of the bond that has already been created previously. Lead By Example.
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Dec 23, 2015