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Watertown, WI
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Burden of proof = principle of logic = informal fallacy. Ambivalence. A formal logical fallacy.
I do have a problem with the nature of infallibility, much along the lines scbrownlhrm noted in his metaphor of the instrument among the orchestra. Jonah had his rationale for traveling west to Tarshish when given the eastward task in Nineveh. Jeroboam I probably figured his religious reforms did much to solidify a political entity in the north to offset the rigorous Jerusalem liturgy of the southern kingdom. This post's concept of linking "voice of God" with "deep conscience" is thoughtful, but I would like to see a connection between "voice of God," "the inner conscience," and the diligent believer engaged in Scriptural study. I don't know if I shall be back online anymore today, so I wish all posters a wonderful 2016.
And still I wonder what Christmas is all about, and whether "going overboard" might distract us from that core meaning. \\when this world was “in sin and error pining,” did God give us a teaspoon of grace to make our dungeon a tad more pleasant? A "teaspoon of God's grace" is probably all that is needed to make a world right, or to bring a soul to light.
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Dec 28, 2015