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One problem is that Merkel has been able to pick and choose which laws and regulations to honor and which ones to ignore. Last summer, with zero input from any other EU country, Merkel unilaterally suspended the Dublin Regulations requiring "refugees" and fake refugees to register in the first EU country they passed through. From one day to the next, Merkel said: we are no longer honoring The Dublin Regulations. Period. No debate. End of story. When political leaders on a whim can unilaterally suspend a foundational EU document like Dublin, then it's clear that Schengen itself is built on shifting sands. Obama does this all the time with his illegal Executive Actions. And the more he does this and gets always with it, the clearer it becomes to ordinary voters that the system is rigged and that current leaders have no credibility. These feelings feed populist parties. For this reason, I suspect that the AfD will do MUCH better in the March elections than most pundits are predicting.
Someone I know created a companion prediction (actually, a "Prediktion") on the site!/1018 The title is: Germany's "Great Deportation" will begin before the winter of 2016 You can vote anonymously (yes or no) or register to make your own predictions about events in Europe. There are some other predictions about Germany on the site as well.
I guess my brand of Libertarianism is more like the kind espoused by Rand Paul - core Libertarian principles, but with a conservative -- even Tea Party -- approach to immigration. Rand Paul's recent SECURE bill is the kind of legislation I could get behind: it would have ended (temporarily) the ability of foreigners to enter America based solely on their passport. If your passport is from one of 30-odd countries, most of which are dysfunctional Muslim societies, then you are not welcome in America, either as a visitor or as a prospective immigrant, without first jumping through some hoops. Period. Ted Cruz was the only other Presidential candidate to vote for this bill. And please, let's not lump in Orban with Jobbik. Orban is a highly educated, articulate, and sensible statesman. He is very much to the left of Jobbik.
Or you could consider an alternative approach: create a template for the story, but with place names and character names left out. Then, local "folk" or "Volk" can plug in the names of local villages, streets, and personalities so the story fits the realities of each geographic region. So, someone living in Heidelberg can plug in actual (often fake) names from sites like and give the story some personalized flair. Or maybe the book is only available online, constantly updating itself as new numbers for the bad news in Germany keep growing. Put a templates up on GitHub, and release the source to the world! I would absolutely download and customize my own copy of the Novella.
We'd like to be millionaires! My wife, who is a native of Budapest, has offered to translate your novella into Hungarian. She'll expect 5% of Hungarian sales, more if she helps coordinate translation into other languages in Central and Eastern Europe. If, as you hope, your paperback is a smashing success in both Germany and Sweden, it's just as likely to be simultaneously successful in Hungary...but for different reasons. Hungarians (and some Libertarian Americans) have been watching these event unfold since the prediction at a time. Your novel would confirm what they've known since they freely elected "the illiberal" Viktor Orban.
There is a corresponding prediction on the site iPredikt. You may vote anonymously on the site, or leave comments as a registered user (as you can on this site). The predictions on this ( site have been as accurate as Viktor Orban's predictions -- which is to say, VERY accurate. it's amazing how clear the Law of Big Numbers is once you remove political correctness from the mix.
Oh, really? Well, now I'm reminded of another movie reference which seems to sum up the collective responses of Reker's and Merkel's apologists to Germany's self-imposed migrant crisis: "You don't need to see his identification...These aren't the droids you're looking for...He can go about his business...Move along!"
This is an appropriate cultural and social reference. The Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the canonical example of denying the obvious. Anyone watching that scene knows the Black Knight is mortally wounded once both his arms are gone. But he keeps on fighting and denying the obvious: that he is dying and he will lose. Now ordinary German women are being told by their democratically elected "Mayor-in" of Cologne that they should keep these medievalists "at arms length". Only someone "without any arms" would make such a statement. It's likely that Henrietta Reker has an entourage of 24/7 security guards keeping her safe after she was attacked last year. Average German women strolling around Cologne are not as fortunate.
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Dec 30, 2015