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I am a long time visitor of this site but have never commented until now. This article is so full of flaws it is ridiculous: 1. This was an event sponsored by Air Lift, so it is clearly their intent to make the stock truck look as bad as possible without their product. 2. There was no time to adjust the load, yet they drove for hours? How long does it take to move a tractor a couple of feet and re-chain it? 3. You "guess" the trailer weight is around 3,500 pounds And you have no idea of tongue weight. I can guarantee the trailer weight is far greater than the guess of 3,500 pounds. How do I know? The images show a Big Tex Car Hauler. There's no way to know which model it is, but it appears to be at least 20 feet long. According to the Big Tex website, their 20 ft' car hauler weights 2,060 pounds empty. Next, the tractor. Again, we don't know exactly what it is, but it appears to be a Kubota 4701, which weights 3,300 pounds by itself. The front loader probably adds another 500 pounds easily. If my assumptions are even remotely close to accurate, the true trailer weight is closer to 6,000 pounds. 4. The tractor is as far forward on the trailer as possible, which puts as much weight on the hitch as possible. Anybody with any towing sense will know not to put all that weight on the front of the trailer. 5. Knowing the trailer is actually around 6,000 pounds, why was a weight distribution hitch not used? Most all half-tons require the use of a weight distribution hitch when trailer weights are over 5,000 pounds. Don't you think a WDH would have solved a lot of the issues they experienced? Yes, I am a Ford guy, but this article is one blatant advertisement for Air Lift. It doesn't matter what truck is pulling the trailer, they would all sag severely under those intentionally manipulated conditions. How much did Air Lift pay to have this garbage posted? PUTC, you are better than this.
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Jan 10, 2016