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Its hard to believe that a purportedly jewish web site has sunk to such depths of depravity and low class comments. Why ‘’name call’’ when you can just speak to the issues? The fact is that ALL of the people involved are good people. I know for a fact, because I witnessed it, that Rabbi Mendel Epstein helped numerous women pro bono. He did NOT take money from people who needed his help and could not afford it. It is likely that this agent in the sting, made some hand motions (that were never recorded on audio) telling him that money was no object; they could go up to whatever was needed. She was TRYING to entrap him obviously and so she offered him the money. The Goldstein family is a terrific pillar in the community. Rabbi Goldstein’s sentence is a travesty of justice. He was a sofer… never involved in any violence. To know him for 5 minutes is to understand that he is a gentle peace loving person. Anything his sons were involved with was l’shem mitzvah. The few dollars they received is laughable. Dovid Wax was caught between a rock and a hard place in a way that no one else was. He had to save his wife. For himself he did not care, as EVIDENCED by the fact that PRECISELY because the judge perceived and understood that he did not really cooperate, she threw the book at him. He is happy today, that his wife will be home with their family where she belongs. She is a sweet and peaceful woman who had no part in any of this. Can anyone define mesira? Dovid Wax asked a shaila, got a psak and a HETER from a very big posek before doing anything. He also proved to be the poorest witness for the prosecution that the judge ever encountered in her 30 years on the bench. She said that clearly he was rooting for the defense. Do you think this was an accident? The man is no fool but he came across that way. Use your heads. Does everything need to be spelled out for you?
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My friend is close to the Wax family. He sent me this e mail. They are doing just fine.. happy and feeling ok with everything. I personally know at least 3 guys who were going thru divorce and were helped by them and were welcomed for months in their home as guests and treated royally. They are a great family. They help people all the time and they had a very strong heter to do exactly what they did and it was NOT mesira. It is evil that people comment on things they have no clue about. There is so much you are in the dark about. Don’t you know that on the stand, the FBI coerces people to say all kinds of things that are not true? Regarding the violence; it never happened. Dovid Wax never beat up Bryskman, who hid in the US and withheld a get from his wife. Now she is free and happily remarried. Bais Din in Israel paskened Kfiya and the get is just fine. The judge accused dovid wax of not cooperating, and gave him even more time than the prosecution asked for.. She said that Ari walked because Dovid did not really assist the government and that others they wanted to put behind bars, could not be gotten, because he was not a good and credible state’s witness. By a miracle, his peace loving, gentle wife did not get time. He is ok with everything else. She was his only concern. After 120 years on this earth, you will be ashamed to discover how wrong you were about things and still posted cruel comments about someone. Those who know the Wax family love them. They have terrific children who are looking forward to happy and successful lives.
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Jan 12, 2016