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So, we should find ways to encourage students to be even lazier as a way to storm the bastions of white hegemony, disrupt Eurocentric concepts of time, etc. Taking our dear associate professor's view in good faith, I think we should dismiss from our minds the naughty thought that the implementation of such a policy might result in him having far fewer papers to mark each semester. But I can't help thinking that encouraging students to be lazy, tardy and wasteful of their time is, even from a coloniality perspective, rather like teaching grandma how to suck eggs. I hear a rumour that our enlightened associate professor is currently working up a paper calling for academia to encourage students to masturbate more. Well, yes. With all that free time they now have, what better way for them to "reconnect their minds to their bodies"?
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2016 on Slacking for Social Justice at davidthompson
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Jan 14, 2016