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Angie Cruz
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Tuesday, 9-9:15
The reason why the article was posted twice with a different description might be because CNET is trying to get more people to read the article. This just might be a bait. Bill Gates would obviously go against Apple because he wants more people to switch to Microsoft. Apple is being very loyal to their customers and this is a great thing, but some people might switch because they don't want to "accomplice terrorist acts". The situation could go both ways; you value your privacy, or you support the government in trying to hack people's phones to stop terrorism. Bill Gates is clearly disagreeing, but doesn't want to be the "voice of dissent" because all he did was put his opinion out there. If he wanted to make a scene i'm sure he would've done it a long time ago. On the third article, the author states how Wisconsin has lost its fourth amendment. This is not only happening in Wisconsin, but now in New Jersey a law was passed that allows police to search cars without a warrant. From the three situations happening, it is very obvious how the whole country is forgetting about the amendments our founding fathers established to make America the nation that it has come to be. This is all thanks to the government and the assholes that think they have the country under control, but they can't even come close to having the knowledge of a first grader.
From reading this article the author's goal was to make the audience realize that we use the word "terrorist" too much. After 9/11, people have been using the word "terrorist" to describe a certain group of people. I completely agree with the author because us, americans, decide to think that we are "freedom fighters" but everyone against us is just a "terrorist". Some other people just decide to call a certain group of people terrorists. Is not surprising that the word terrorist hasn't been around for so long because people used different dialects back then and language develops from generation to generation. The words people used back then were very appropriate for the dialect spoken back then; those words were also probably considered just as bad as "terrorists". To me "terrorist" is a group of people or just one person that forces anyone or a group of people to live through a "terror situation".
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Jan 21, 2016