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I do not usually comment here but here I am. I supported Obama and while I am disappointed that more was not accomplished, I have to give him credit for what he did accomplish. I think he had a lot to overcome especially given the hatred that was out there for the first black president. There is the initial wish list and then the list of accomplishments. Overall, I think he made and is making a difference and I cannot fault him for that. I am a Sanders supporter. I am by no means a rabid supporter and would support Clinton if she becomes the nominee. I like the way Sanders is pushing the Overton Window to the left. If elected, that is a great start for a negotiating position. Will he achieve his positions? I think that is very unlikely but if a young relatively inexperienced "black Muslim" president can accomplish what he has, what can a cranky old white guy with years in the House and Senate get done. Maybe Clinton can do the same but I prefer the Sanders starting point.
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Jan 22, 2016