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Now these are the types of refugees we need. The ones that are compatible with our society and don't want to wreck it and take over. I.e. Christians who love thy neighbour and believe in the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them done unto you.
Here is another person being persecuted by the AHRC. Paul Zanetti another cartoonist. I tend to find a lot of support that the whole process is biased to protect non White Europeans and vilify White Europeans as racist. Many are saying that anti-racism is code word for anti-White. The more I look at the evidence the more I am convinced this is the case.
I'm thinking now this may have been a false report by the Italian witness. Irrespective it appears this event is a partial false flag or a complete full flag. If you look at the bit part actor who is in trouble over his youtube posts, there is a scene with the sister who had her leg broken. This scene in itself is enough to draw this whole event into a possible 9/11 or Sandy Hook type false flag. I have never in my life seen a trauma victim with a broken leg thrashing it around up and down banging it against the ground in protest of the pain. The funeral service was also most bizarre. Certainly not a grieving father in my opinion.
Anyone know the subject matter Mike will be pursuing with these private prosecutions? I approached the registrar re. this at Sydney Downing Centre and the attitude was too try and discourage it as much as possible. Typical public servant was putting up obstacles everywhere. I worked for a NSW prosecution agency for 19 years and did many criminal briefs of evidence. So I know the ropes. Justice is not high on the priorities of the Justice departments.
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Jan 27, 2016