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Ilia - totally makes sense! And who knows, maybe I did comment on the "these will be posted" post and forgot that I did. I'm just really glad to hear you've got a consistent policy in place and don't just randomly repost without permission :D
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Molly_Mog, posting something anonymously does not change the fact that copying someone's comment and reposting it on a public site without permission violates both copyright law and the relative privacy of a closed (non-public) Facebook page. Again, I don't care about a wee one-liner such as this. But I'm concerned about other longer things I might post. When someone posts on a closed site such as the RHU2 FB page, they have the understanding that what they post will be seen only by folks on the page, so they choose what they say accordingly, and might include details or words they wouldn't if they knew their story were going to be available to the general public. Because yes, a closed FB group doesn't mean that no one outside the group will ever see your post, but there's a huge difference between posting a rant or story to a closed FB page and posting to a public website that anyone can see. Under copyright law, it is illegal to republish someone's writings (be it a casual FB post or a section of the novel they may be writing) without permission. And perhaps a cranky story I've posted to the FB group has actually become a segment of an editorial article or autobiographical book I'm writing, and/or perhaps I was going to go back and delete my post because I reconsidered having it online. But if it's been copied and posted to a separate website, then I can't delete it from the internet - unless I happen to notice it on that website and ask the admins to remove it. And if I'm trying to get that story or article published, I can't tell the editors it's never been published before (which is a big thing in the publishing industry) if it already has been published on a website. Get permission, always, before reusing someone's post on a public website.
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Oh that was me who originally posted that -- haha :) I wasn't aware that things I wrote on the RHU closed FB page were subject to being reposted in a public forum. I'm totally okay with this being reposted - I'll just have to keep that in mind when posting things in the future.
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Jan 27, 2016