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With all that shine and sleekness, I'd add texture-- you could put one of those Moroccan wedding blankets over the sofa, or a huge painting-- not a framed print, a painting's brushstrokes would add texture-- and maybe the sofa table could have slender matte black metal legs, and a glass top? So it's not all leather and wood? Gauzy curtains to soften the room, and more plants... texture-y cushions like a chunky cable knit, or woven blanket, or heavily fringed... maybe something in cotton velvet, for a little surprise? Mushroom-y greige velvet is so gorgeous and subtle, and with maybe small gold tassles at the corners? Another wall could have a macrame hanging-- I hear macrame is going to be big this year. What about a wall sculpture? In more matte black metal? A touch of black helps ground things when a space is very bright, as this room is. A wicker basket or two-- as a pot for another (fluffy!) plant, or to hold magazines or books, or sheet music for the piano... a snuggly throw for the backs of the sofas, since the size of the room might make it seem a little chilly? Sorry if I'm all over the place with this, but I loooooove what you have done with this room and can see it being just amazing when it's done, and it's given me so many ideas!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2016 on Progress Report: Living Room at A Beautiful Mess
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Feb 1, 2016