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Lindsey Frost
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I think your evolution follows that of many of us who have followed you from the beginning, those of us who have learned to cook from the magazines we all love but are similarly finding that those publications no longer fit our busy (and increasingly paleo/pescatarian/vegan/vegetarian/what have you) lives. Your travel posts have been an inspiration, and more of this sort would be much appreciated. For me, the appeal has always been less about the magazines and more about the "realness" you share - throwing dinner parties for too many people in too small a space, gardening foibles, and all the rest. Whatever direction you move in, please don't lose this needed dose of reality in a blogosphere filled with far too much polish and far too many props!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2016 on Do We Still Care About Food? at The Bitten Word
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Feb 14, 2016