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Christian LeBlanc
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I bought a new 2016 Spark 3 days ago. Wow, have small cars come a long way since my 1984 CRX! I was way surprised by the base Spark LS's touchscreen, Bluetooth, rear backup camera, standard A/C, rear wiper & defrost etc. At the same time my daughter was more interested in the tech stuff than the power locks, power side mirrors, power windows, nicer materials, and cruise that this car does not have. A good trade-off. We both found the backseat to be cozy but acceptable. I was quite comfortable driving home for 2 hours, although I missed having cruise. But it's not going to be my car, and the daughter doesn't like to use cruise anyway. I was satisfied with the 98hp of the new 1.4L, and find the CVT to be completely unobtrusive and smooth. The car was weirdly quiet even at 60+ mph for being so petite and upright. And 2,000rpm at 60 mph? I would have expected 3,000. It's light and nimble, and fun; but I won't be seeing how fast it stops, corners or accelerates. I have my own car for that kind of tossing. I did not testdrive an older Spark, so can't compare the two. In the 3 days (1 highway, 2 in town) the car has been driven it's averaged 36.6mpg, so the 41mpg EPA is probably accurate. Re longevity etc., my household has a 2002 Camaro Z28 and a 2003 Pontiac Montana that are still going strong. I take care of them as much as I am able (maintaining fluids, filters, etc.) and expect to do the same with the Spark. If it does as well as the other two GM cars, gasoline may be obsolete before I need to replace it.
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Feb 15, 2016