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If my memory is correct, the Bundy issue is related Harry Reid and his son's activities and not Hillary's uranium activities. The son was a partial investor in a solar energy project requiring land use in an area specifically proscribed from use because it was populated with a breed of protected desert turtle. The son's group would receive the land IF the could provide an alternative habitat. Guess whose land was to be used in the trade? You guessed it - land leased to the Bundy's.
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Cracker Barrel offers a true 'gut' breakfast. When I was younger, I was fortunate to partake in a goodly number of 'farmers' breakfasts, eaten around 8:30 after working from 3:30/4:00. Eggs, pork chops, bacon, potatoes, pancakes and more. Cracker Barrel is absolutely 'off limits' for KK. Now I just content myself now and then with a Brettljause or some Kudlmudlnudln.
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BBuckeye, Goriska Brda – Not too distant from Triest and about one hour drive from Venice Best hotel in the area, excellent kitchen Bled – Not far from Ljubljana (Laibach), the capital of Slovenia It is a beautiful setting and well worth visiting & walking about, but it is also a major tourist trap. If you plan to stay several nights in the area, consider visiting Radovljca, which is a 15 minute drive from Bled. The old town center is interesting (Beekeeper Museum and Ginger Bread ‘Museum’ [really a commercial enterprise designed to sell ginger bread cakes, but interesting]). Strudelat
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RE: Dordogne - this is an excellent web link. The text is in German, but there are enough similarities to English that I think you will find it useful Strudelat (Lurking since forever)
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