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Interests: sailing
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Tone is everything --just remove a few Fbombs from The Donald and see if he don't disappear. Of course substance --that which distinguishes Philosophy from Economics, seems to loom menacingly and years of "Yes We Can" showing so little, make for a dissatisfied population who feel not only conned, but who want to get even, yes? Especially if the conned feel recognized as the Darwinian failures --not the models in the car ads, not even the actors in the other ads showing the glorious move to the new neighborhood. Even the UHaul roads are angry! So how much of this disparity --real lousy infrastructure (see if I don't know the lingo!) beside the incomparable (hey, I ain't no colonel!) classified superstructure (led by military and financial), making us all feel a little of the Darwinian failure.
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Feb 25, 2016