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Richard Pickup
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A superbly concise and thought provoking article. When the issue of quality came up prior to your meditation Mike, I had 'quality is a concatenation' at the back of my mind. An obsevration @ John Camp: I've been experimenting with silver prints from digital negs (in the manner of the platinum / palladium printers). This is precisely because I suspect so much of the 'magic' I see in darkroom prints is to do with the silver.
Mike, Just ordered a signed print. It caught my eye on your original posting of the image. This isn't the first image I've bought from TOP; I teach photography in the UK and use them as reference prints to show students. I think the value of seeing fine prints by others is really underestimated. Anyway good luck with the gallery / pool room, and I hope I've made a small but useful contribution. Richard
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Feb 27, 2016