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Last night's PTRO "endorsement" session was an embarrassment for the Republican party on numerous fronts. All citizens who believe in transparency and ethical governance should join me in demanding the results be voided. To summarize all of the issues with last night's "endorsement" session: -Ballots were already in the beer cooler/ballot box before the meeting started due to the selling (for the low price of $25) of absentee ballots. - Approximately 80 people attended last night in person. Due to Mr. Del Mar's new rule that ballots would be counted in secret and his refusal to be transparent/count them out in the open as usual, a standup vote took place against his wishes. The clear majority was for Jeanne Ives. That it had to come to that is still unbelievable to me. But the woman (not me) who took charge and did that is one of my heroes. - I have asked the number of total ballots cast. No response. - I have asked for the number of absentee ballots cast. No response. However, we know it was in the hundreds. Exact number still unknown. - Mr. Del Mar publicized this as being open to anyone who wanted to come and pay $25. You didn't have to live in Palatine township or be a Republican, or even registered. No vetting took place upon arrival. - What he did not publicize is that ballots could be purchased ahead of time. Obviously, some people knew that. - The process and rules were requested ahead of time by members. Mr. Del Mar responded that he did not have to provide anything and he can run "his" organization anyway he feels. - He also told folks last night who questioned the brand-new secret ballot counting maneuver that they could "take their $25 bucks and leave." It was truly embarrassing and horribly disrespectful. - I have asked for the precinct captain list to be released. People were seen being given PC ballots who have never been seen before at PTRO. - I, a longstanding member and active volunteer, was handed the white ballot - 1 vote. Aaron refused to provide me an explanation. The IL Republican party should investigate this endorsement session. The only thing that has been released are the percentages. We need real numbers and answers why absentee ballots were allowed to be sold ahead of time to people who don't live in Palatine township, may not be Republican voters, and may not even be registered. It was a sham. The results should be voided. Sincerely, Vicki Wilson Palatine p.s. Mr. Cramer was not in attendance and did not vote. Mr. Del Mar should retract his statements regarding Mr. Cramer.
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Cruz has a spine, has principles, has spent his life defending the Constitution, and has been one of the RARE people in Washington who went and actually cared about doing what the voters sent him to do, and didn't go to join the crowd. Don't take my word for it. RESEARCH. Don't vote by sound bite!
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He never called anyone stupid. Ever. He said people did not have the information. How many people do you know who take the time to dig and find out what is really happening, rather than just listen to sound bites and read what the media wants to tell us? Cruz has stood up to the massive peer pressure in Washington but many don't know the specific situations. What he did in 2014 regarding the debt ceiling vote in the Senate is key. 60 votes were needed to raise it. There were 55 Democrat Senators. So the Republican leadership, hatched a plan to ensure the the debt ceiling raised (while asking for nothing in reforms at all to rein in our out of control spending and increasing size of government)in a way they could deceive the voters back home. The leaders wanted to decrease the number of votes needed to pass it from 60 down to 50. That way, the Dems could pass it on their own and Republicans could go back to their districts and SAY they voted against the debt ceiling when in fact they would have just taken action to ALLOW it to happen. That is pure deception. And Ted said NO to the deception. Mike Lee agreed with him. That rule change needed to be unanimous. Cruz and Lee voted against it so it didn't go through. Therefore, the Republicans who wanted to increase the debt ceiling, and who asked for NO REFORMS in exchange, had to make their votes public and not hide the truth from their constituents. Cruz offered very practical and reasonable reforms, to at least get something in the way of negotiation - but the leaders were not interested. Obama got exactly what he wanted. The media attacked Ted viciously for doing exactly what he was sent to Washington to do. And the other Senators were not at all pleased with him to say the least. How many knew that happened? What would you want your Senator to do? What is point of sending Republicans to Washington if they do nothing once they get there? What's the point of sending Republicans to Congress if they just act like Democrats once they get there?
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Mar 12, 2016