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Alicia Pina
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I would like to agree on how companies try to cheat ways or find loop holes in not paying for overtime to workers. I’ve noticed from personal experience, companies and small businesses try to avoid paying overtime by giving as little as 20-30 hours a week. They also higher more part time workers to avoid having full time workers to receive and avoid hourly costs. They tend to have part time workers work without pay raise and then give them promotions that will cut them from being paid extra hours with a manger position on salary. My mother was a manager for McDonald’s and she became known as a shift manager so they can avoid paying her overtime. She was making the same amount of money I was making and I Was working part time for another job. She got switched hours as well without any warning and did not receive any benefits for working there because she was considered a salaried worker but part time. The loop hole in her job was to avoid paying shift managers higher than $10 and having them work long hours but refused to be paid overtime. Some shift managers would go overtime up to 20 hours and still receive not even half of those hours. But the regulations say those who are salaried as chosen are exempt from over time. This article very much describes how companies, franchises, and small businesses try to obtain a hold and focus on trying to give more for those with experience and who have no pay raise for years or who were tricked into being payed the same with a salary. They need to pay those of higher positions a higher salary rate and be given the overtime pay so they wouldn’t need to work for “free”.
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Mar 14, 2016