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Somebody please tell me what Lauren Bacall told Bogart!
Colonel, I think the quality of some liberal arts degrees might have suffered since when you were at University. Last Christmas I listened to my niece go on and on about "power discourses", and this sort of postmodernist whine has, I have heard, infected some English departments.
I will miss his contributions to SST. Rest in peace.
David Solomon, I think Roubini is biased towards pessimism. He correctly called the 2008 crash - but he spectacularly failed to call the recovery (it happened much earlier than he predicted). Barry Ritholtz on the other hand called both the crash ... and more impressively, called the recovery with better timing than anyone else who I was tracking. My money is on Ritholtz.
SamIam A few years ago, here in Canada, I read in the paper about someone who was sentenced to two years in prison for allowing their firearms license to expire (ie they did not renew it in time). I am now much more careful about making sure I stay compliant with the gun laws.
Peter VE, I've been taught that when somebody says something positive about Russia it must necessarily be Kremlin propaganda. So, sorry to have to break this to you, but falling life expectancies are a good thing!
Colonel, Luckily my 410 shotgun (which belonged to my great grandfather) is still legal here. What bothers me more is that Google has permanently deleted the SouthFront youtube channel. Bastards.
Speaking of Russian paratroopers, there is a Russian "reality TV show" about an all female battalion "of cadets determined to become officers in Russia’s elite airborne troops" on youtube: As someone interested in cultural differences I have found it interesting.
Half of the news media is trying to pin all of the blame on Trump, the other half of the news media is trying to pin all of the blame on China.
JohninMK, Wow. Space is harder than I realized.
A lot of governments dropped the ball on this. Thirteen years ago the province of Ontario stockpiled 55 million n95 masks in the aftermath of the SARS outbreak to protect healthcare workers during a future pandemic (we did not handle SARS well and studied what went wrong). But n95 masks expire, they expired years ago, and they were not replaced. Did we jump on acquiring such masks early on in this pandemic - nope.
Colonel, To my mind this ties in with the military satellite that Iran is reported to have recently put into orbit. A satellite can possibly provide (i) location of targets to the IRGC unit dispatching and controlling such a drone, (ii) a data link to the drone.
I guess I have to play devil advocate and ask if the Iranians are actually breaking any international law or laws of the sea. If they were to attack or even damage a US ship then a kinetic response would be warranted. But if they are simply thumbing their nose at US ships, and they are technically not violating any laws of the sea, attacking them for harassing behaviour may come back to haunt the US when China "shoots down" some US vessel for "harassing behaviour" in the South China Sea. Iran is not a nuclear power - but Russia and China are, and China and Russia are not going to accept a different set of rules for them than what apply to the US.
TTG Since you are an "OSI stack geek" I will argue that SPACECOM will own layers 1&2 while CYBERCOM will own all of the layers above.
Diana Croissant, Bulgakov presents a much more sympathetic fictional depiction of Pilate in The Master and the Margarita. It is pretty brilliant in my opinion.
Optimax, Can you provide a reference for that quote?
Syria says it has begun mass production of hydroxy chloroquine for the treatment of COVID19. If Assad ends up shipping some to the US on an aid flight - that would be one heck of a PR coup.
TTG, I don't think Trump is going to win the soft power contest for this pandemic. Russian and China have been sending planeloads of supplies and doctors to numerous countries - including the USA! They are learning how to do soft power, and Trump is an isolationist. (I'm not a Trump basher - I am just saying he isnt big on doing soft power.)
Colonel I agree with you wholeheartedly about Tulsi. I had given up all hope that anyone but Biden would win the DNC primary, and then I just read about Biden's campaign staffers taking great care to protect him from COVID-19. I can't bring myself to wish for his death, but perhaps he could become indisposed?
Sanders partnered with Tulsi would have been viable - at least worth a roll of the dice. The best part about this ticket is that it would have put Tulsi in Pole Position in 2024. Alas, it is not going to happen.
This piece from The National Interest talks about other drugs which may help fight the Coronavirus:
Bernie is in deep trouble. It is, unfortunately, the smart move.
The Turks and the Russians have convergent interests in the long term, the Turks and the jihadists do not. Prolonging the Syrian civil war makes Bibi happy, but it doesn't help Erdogan in any way. The sooner the Syrian civil war ends the sooner all those Syrian refugees in Turkey can return home. Russia will sell Erdogan S-400 complexes - but the US will only sell Patriot batteries when they feel like it, and won't sell F-35s unless Turkey promises to be a compliant vassal ... which doesn't fit with how the Turks view themselves. Erdogan has every reason to have a covert alliance with Russia. An overt alliance would just invite (more) sanctions.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2020 on Incident at Muhambal - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Thank you for your explanation of why the jihadi/neo-Ottoman relationship is inherently unstable, Colonel.
RT is reporting that "Turkey’s parliament descended into a chaotic fistfight after an opposition lawmaker accused President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of disrespecting Turkish soldiers killed recently in Idlib". This makes me happy on so many levels.