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Frederique Zug
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FIVE facts about your new smart meter. #1 It generates enough radiation in your home to have a warning from the FCC. RADIATION Implanted medical devices suffer interference. #2 It send enough information about the homeowners private life, that the US Congress is concerned. PRIVACY #3 The smart meter measure very accurately. So accurately, they can measure all of the crap on the power line that shouldn't be there and bill the customer for that crap. #4 It does not have any built in thermal protection. If the smart meters maximum power rating of 48KW's is exceeded, you have FIRES. #5 The smart meter radiation is so powerful, they trip AFCI and GFI breakers in your electrical panel.
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Tin Foil Hat Definition: A defunct derogatory phrase used by power company managers with limited mental ability to try to insult or degrade unfortunate people who have to use unshielded medical implants to try and keep an acceptable degree of life.
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Why would Ms.Thorner drive thousands of miles to stand in front of a radar dish? All she gas to do is walk past your smart meter? Why would Ms. Thorner stick her head in a microwave oven? She appears to have more intelligence than you do. TIN FOIL HATS??? Maybe she should take that tin foil hat and wrap her new smart meter with it and stop all of the radiation the smart meter produces. That way her and her neighbors will not do any suffering. Why don't you answer a simple question for us Rich. WHAT IS THE DISTANCE TO COMPLIANCE FOR YOUR FHSS AMI7 SMART METER??
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Mar 31, 2016