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Benjamin Profenius
New Jersey
21/Skidmore College/English and Philosophy Double Major
Recent Activity
This post isn’t about anything in particular. It’s a list of things I’ve done that don’t warrant a post all their own. Together these are the moments that add up to a legitimate abroad experience. For me, rattling them off is a relief from the pressure of feeling I have... Continue reading
Studying abroad comes with a constant need to compromise. One must always weigh the value of time spent, and it can be difficult to sacrifice a good time for grades. Micro-decisions become ever more significant as time begins to run out, and the thought that the opportunity may never come... Continue reading
Golden Week is a scam. A string of national holidays falling within the same week, it is when the entire country is on spring break. But it is not a week, but a string of weekends. One will find oneself in class with exams and assignments due on Monday and... Continue reading
“Not too deep.-- People who comprehend a thing to its very depths rarely stay faithful to it forever. For they have brought its depths into the light of day: and in the depths there is always much that is unpleasant to see.” ---Friedrich Nietzsche from Human, all too Human “And... Continue reading
Just about everyone has asked me why I came to Japan. It is a big topic when getting acquainted with new people who have come for their own reasons. I’ve found the question a tough one, largely because I have no reason. I got my first passport to come to... Continue reading
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Apr 29, 2016