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Ree Cee
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I am DROOLING at all your goodies! WOW - what an awesome way to spend the day! Saturday I went to several local yard sales and an awesome estate sale of a mixed media artist (I spent even more on Sunday there). But I didn't see vintage close to what you found. Thanks for sharing all this eye candy!
Great haul!!! Wow you showed restraint-you are a lady. Me - I think I would have asked her if she felt man enough to make me shut up. SHUT UP?!? Who says that to customers? Maybe that was why so much was left - she treated customers like sh!t. I would stalk her at her next estate sale and plant a smelly fish somewhere to make her freak out. But that says more about me (I'll get you back my little pretty!) than it does about her. But in the end, you got some great stuff for a good price. Her reputation will catch up with her and no one will want her to run their estate sale. Great story!
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May 5, 2016