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I have a vendor that taught me how to "fire" bad customers during a training seminar for sales people. For years we had an older woman come in and loudly run her mouth about how wonderful a non licensed, illegal competitor was. She was so proud of herself for saving so much money. She was using us for our services and free advice. We all disliked her but did not know what or how to get rid of her. She did it again after training. I rang her through and then followed her to the door. I politely told her straight out that we could not longer be of service to her and she would need to go elsewhere to shop and for help. She was flabbergasted and the look on her face was priceless. She started to speak, and I cut her off. She left looking bewildered. She has not been back. A customer overheard me speaking with her which was not my intention. This customer came back into the shop and congratulated me. If a customer is damaging the business or using you and there is no profit- fire them. Start practicing in front of a mirror and take control when the time arises. It's worth it.
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May 10, 2016