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ray martin
dayton, montgomery county, oh, usa, earth, sol, milky way
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i also hate giving out my personal info. the fact is with all the data breaches going on no ones information is safe. I usually use 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the white house address), and an old cell number.
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My Experience with saying something stupid in front of a customer: I have worked for a major fast food place (the one with the clown) as a manager for years, and this is one of the most irritating custys we have on night shift. She "used to work for the Clown", she "knows how long everything sits", blah blah blah. Always has to have it cooked special, always confused, and changes it multiple times, etc. One night she comes thru after we lock the door. Our lobby would say open for an additional hour, and we were not supposed to pull cars up once the doors were locked (safety issue). She arrives and I'm in the back window, so after spending 4-5 min to place her $3 order, she gets to my window to pay, and wants to add 2 crapple pies....but they have to be fresh, because she knows how long they sit. I tell her fresh pies will take 11 minutes, and she wants them. She's aggravated me to the point where ok, fine, we will put in your pies. I step out of the window and scream up to the person at the next window "PULL THIS GOOFY BITCH UP" (I will take em out when there ready). I step back into the window only to discover that she has not pulled forward yet and is sitting there staring at me, and her kids in the car are just rolling with laughter. There were 2 up sides to that night, 1 she did not call with a complaint, and 2 she didn't come back for several months! -McManager
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Try working at the golden arches during Giftmas or Easter. Some of the local churches will buy 200 $5 gift cards at a time.
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years ago, my brother in law owned a computer shop. we had this on our custys work orders. We spelled it ID-TEN-T, and no one caught on.
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May 11, 2016