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San Francisco
A Repentant Gay Man Who's BEST Friends are Mary Magdala and Saint Joan of Arc !
Interests: Justice for the VICTIMS who have been TRICKED AND ENSLAVED by political evil doers !
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The '' CHIEF '' is drumming ........ The people are listening and theirs '' NOTHING '' the liberal , progressives can do to gain final victory over the chief drummer and his tribe. The chief leads his tribe with an iron eagles feather and like a good shepherd he directs his listening flock towards a Judeo christian U.S.A . The loyal tribe of Doctor Savage thanks him for inspiring them all with his drum beat of '' TRUTH '' The voice of '' TRUTH '' is more beautiful to the ears of God then the most beautifully toned signing voice ever created by God . '' TRUTH '' .... is the drum beat ..and it sounds EXQUISITE ! America is thirsty for truth .... Thank you Chief Savage ...... we love you ! copy and paste below to hear the chief drumming!
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May 11, 2016