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Hi Professor Fung, I'd like to comment something on Myth2. I agree to the argument that the codes are only the tools and we need not much complex and difficult knowledges about the computer science. Usually we should focus on the problems and use Google and other sources to find the codes as well as solutions we needed and solved the problems. However, we can use a lot of different ways to solve one specific problem. When the data is not so huge, it will make maybe no difference. But when the amount of data is very huge, the computer will spend a lot of time on running the algorithm. At this time, maybe the complex knowledge on data structure or computer science will play an important role? Because the huge amount of data, any nuance will result in huge difference. But I am not very sure. My experience in the data science is somewhat limited. Above are only some naive ideas :) XG is now following The Typepad Team
May 23, 2016