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Hi Timothy, I am trying to cite a few articles that have individual authors as well as an organizational author listed. The individual authors vary so I think I should include them, but the research organization "Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group" is also relevant since it ties them all together. Where would that information go? Here is an example: Herman, W. H., Hoerger, T. J., Brandle, M., Hicks, K., Sorensen, S., Zhang, P., . . . Ratner, R. E. (2005, March 1). The cost-effectiveness of lifestyle modification or metformin in preventing type 2 diabetes in adults with impaired glucose tolerance. Annals of Internal Medicine, 142(5), 323-32. The authors are listed with the organization in the article like this: William H. Herman, MD, MPH; Thomas J. Hoerger, PhD; Michael Brandle, MD, MS; Katherine Hicks, MS; Stephen Sorensen, PhD; Ping Zhang, PhD; Richard F. Hamman, MD, DrPH; Ronald T. Ackermann, MD, MPH; Michael M. Engelgau, MD, MS; Robert E. Ratner, MD, Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group* (or in some versions "for Diabetes Prevention Program...") Thanks for your help!
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May 24, 2016