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Saint Louis
Retired dilettante
Interests: Bread and politics
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Or maybe the covid vaccine is already available there.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2020 on Word of the Week at The Carpentariat
Damn. And I was sure it meant a vacation in Rome (or thereabouts).
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2020 on Word of the Week at The Carpentariat
Whew. What are they like? That is a tall order. On one level, they are a "portrait" of English society from post WWI until the 1960's - not a topic that would have been high on a list of my interests. But Powell's writing is so precise (and convoluted at times) that I was hooked when I read the few paragraphs. These are not exciting books; no explosions or motorcycle chases. The quotidian is the norm. Characters come and go. Someone in book 2 will reappear in book 8, 20 years later. As Powell writes in the first pages, setting up for what follows: " . . .human beings, facing outward like the Seasons, moving hand in hand in intricate measure: stepping slowly, methodically, sometimes a trifle awkwardly, in evolutions that take recognisable shape: or breaking into seemingly meaningless gyrations, while partners disappear only to reappear again, once more giving pattern to the spectacle: unable to control the melody, unable, perhaps, to control the steps of the dance." Powell is not my normal read - much too "serious", but somehow I got hooked and never looked back.
I feel compelled to chime in with one of my favorite “serious” fiction reads - “A Dance to the Music of Time” by Anthony Powell. I have never been able to really fathom why I like it, and have only found two friends who have read it (actually it is a 12 novel sequence) but I find myself re-reading it periodically. But not now, too many household and yard projects in progress.
Has anyone else noted an uptick in the "Joe Biden cognitive decline" chatter? I seem to trip over it more and more lately - it often seems to come from the Bernie supporters but I wonder if it is a MAGA product or Russian trolling, or all three. It is uncomfortably resonant of the "corrupt Hillary" bullshit that was a significant factor in her loss - the difference being that the latter was developed over decades and we only have months before the election. But we also have the web, and we know if it is on the internet it must be true.
Speaking of cynicism, the following link is a good report on the source of the “rigged election” calumney. Hint: the source rhymes with “panders”. Also, a good history lesson.
And regardless of who the Democratic candidates are, even if it were Joe Manchin (that’s a hypothetical, not a suggestion), you can be assured that the Republicans will attempt to tar them with the socialist, communist, baby-killer, “tax you into the grave” label. Hell, that drumbeat has already started and there isn’t even a candidate yet.
Thought today’s “Tom the Dancing Bug” was apropos.
Not so sure it is a case of “not believing”. Remember, what is good for donald is good for the country. And just who, and what party, is the likely beneficiary of Russian meddling?
“The man is too stupid and too feckless to ever let his base malevolence fully flower.“ - which is why I wish all this impeachment talk to continue to drag on for the next three years, or at least through the midterms. I don’t think the same comment can be made about Pence and I prefer that Pence not get a couple years momentum toward 2020 by serving as the replacement for 45. We are screwed, vis-a-vis the presidency, until 2020. Trump, Pence, Ryan, et al would continue in the same vein with their foxy libertarian Christianist doctrine. Our best hope scenario is regaining control of the House or Senate (and I am not sanguine that will occur) and leaving Trump in the White House to Tweet and go apoplectic when he is obstructed by the Democrats in the legislature.
Rather than “time to cut his losses”, it was “time to consolidate his gains”, e.g. CHP funding and a DACA vote in the near future. As the minority party, the Democrats have a very limited ability to direct policy; they had gotten what they could from the shutdown and it was time to move on to the next battle - coming up in about three weeks.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2018 on A shutdown sure to fizzle at The Carpentariat
I certainly agree and share the same ethic. But let’s be clear - these were allegations by 7 women, not proven, documented behavior. I do not think that our female legislators (or male legislators for that matter, but this was driven by the women) have covered themselves with glory by subverting any semblance of due process. I cannot see a downside to having let the ethics investigatory process play out. And I would say the same re Moore and 45.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2017 on The railroading of Al Franken at The Carpentariat
“. Merely 41 Republican filibustering votes could bottle up any reversals of their legislative reactionaryism.” Can the rules not be changed? As others have expressed and I am coming to agree with, stop playing nice with these toads and ram through by ANY orderly means the Democratic agenda. Comparing the process for enacting the ACA with the current tax cut travesty, we have a clear precedent. Is the filibuster in the way? Find an “orderly” way to gut it. I am no longer interested in the argument that “what goes around, comes around”. Actually, I am interested, now that I think about it; it is time for it to “come around” for the republicans. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen in 2018. The map is too stacked against us unless there is a huuuge Dem turnout. Could happen. Personally, I will be happy (and pleasantly surprised) if we can net either half of Congress in 2018.
Let's pass on that notion. For the last 3 weeks I have been in Changchun, a "largish" (6,000,000) city to the north and west of N. Korea. We will be returning home (St. Louis) in a couple days but have met some really nice folks here. I'd like to be able to meet them again some time.
Oh yes - it hurts so good.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2017 on Trump goes to war - with the GOP at The Carpentariat
Seems to me that this is a situation where the D's can have their cake and eat it too. They need to be loudly proclaiming their willingness, nay eagerness, to work in a "bi-partisan manner to fix Obamacare"; then they can watch the R's, if they manage to respond at all, turn on each other like the rabid weasels that they are is a frenzy of self destruction. Republicans fix Obamacare? I would pay to watch that attempt. The key being the Dems eagerness to fix Obamacare, not healthcare, and not some new "trumped up" (sorry) healthcare scheme. And even if the R's manage to come up with some compromise scheme, you can bet it will have some cockamamie element that will be so detrimental to a large segment of the population or so beneficial to their moneyed base that the Dems can loudly decry that the opposition just will not work in a bi-partisan manner. Let's not forget - the Republicans are incapable of governing.
The problem is: Which will die first? America or Republicans.
And chairs. Then seating assignments. This could be a career move for an enterprising staffer or ambitious senator.
I'm sure it was an oversight, but let's not forget the voter suppression that kept many from the polls as well.
You also forgot the link documenting Obama's time spent golfing. Given your assertion he spent >50% of his time in office on the links, he should be ready for the senior tour come spring.
But of course. As her doctor has stated, Clinton has pneumonia. What is your point?
i assume auto correct. One of the better ones.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2016 on Last night: thematic genius at The Carpentariat
Because it is RIGGED I tell you. They have all these boring rules and stuff. When the revolution comes we won't need rules and forms and all these things that are thwarting the Will of the People. "Look out mama, there's a big boat comin' down the river . . . ". Hell, when the revolution comes we won't even need to vote because the People will KNOW what to do. And you had best hope You are in tune with the People, because God only knows what could happen if you're not. Still wishing Biden had run.
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May 30, 2016