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As your company grows and changes, Fusion Lifecycle may need to change as well. Maybe the workflow for a process has changed. If items are in a particular workflow state, and that state is removed from the workflow, guess what happens to those records? Correct! Those records are left with no transition path, or more plainly an orphan. As painful as it may seem, your only recourse is to roll the record back to the previous state, then transition to the next available state. Not always the best scenario, but sometimes we must do it anyway. You might ask yourself... Continue reading
Many articles have been posted about the advantages of PLM in the Cloud. Topics of continuity, synchronization and availability from any platform instantly come to mind. Not intending to burst your bubble, but guess what, "No Virginia, there is no cloud". The term 'computing in the cloud' is merely a metaphor for someone else's hardware, employing economy of scale, executing queries and stored procedures against your metadata. In short, you push data to a secure site running servers from your web client. Apple, PC, Linux, doesn't matter. It's just data. Data that you live and breath by. That said, (sorry... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
Native forms are those embedded and saved in the Inventor document or set up as a Global form store in the Public Documents file structure. What do I get with Native Forms? Natural reflection of parameters, iProperties and rules Simple Windows form controls To create the form you right click in the iLogic browser and choose Add Form. You're presented with a layout dialog where you drag and drop parameters, iProperties and rules onto your form. Each control whether textbox, dropdown or rule button has a limited number of properties to control behavior. So with all those features why might... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
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Jun 6, 2016