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Mike, While you laid up watch Lewis Black's comedy routine on catching a cold through the phone from a friend. Very funny anything he does should make you laugh. G
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2018 on Well, This Is Annoying at The Online Photographer
Mike, Your right on in your evaluation of the market trends currently, only I would add there are probably a few more who will bite the dust in the time frame. It's analogous to whats going on in the tech industry out here in silicon valley. Everything is moving to Software as a Service, everyone want's a subscription for a re-occuring revenue stream. Look at the consolidation in Hardware manfacturing, there are simply no margins left, without profit and no diversification companies simply can not survive. In my opnion camera manfactures who only build cameras are finished.. all the money nowdays is in software.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on Scary Future at The Online Photographer
I think it depends on where you come from in photograph, and more importantly where you are headed. The single biggest question should be what do you do with your images? I still have a wet darkroom capable of printing 20x24 images. i still own an 8x10 sinar, 4x5 sinar, leica m4 and lenses, a rolleiflex sl 66 system a mamiya 6 with lenses, an rx1, x pro 1, and just acquired an x pro 2 and sold a nikon d 800 with 5 lenses recently. To put this in perspective i'm 64 yrs old and had a commercial studio for 16 years so and all the cameras i've ever owned have been well used. I'm at the point in my life where only one camera and a small set of primes is going anywhere with me. It doesn't mean i won't continue to use my film cameras, but i'm no longer lugging an 8x10 with all the accessories to the wilderness like 30 yrs ago. So every camera in my opinion has an intended purpose, as for one that can do it all none of them. I'm going to use the one i can lift:)
For the new Macbook pro's a much need add on.. very well thought out.. Gary
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Jun 8, 2016