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Because 'westerner' hair tends to be very different from Asian hair, you can be certain that many expats will use the same hair salon. Especially blondes as experienced blonde highlight practitioners are hard to come by east of the Bosphorous. And so one has to be very careful what one says in the salon chair as it is guaranteed that over half of your acquaintance will get to hear about it. There are two types of expat salon-users. The quiet, unassuming kind and the loud mouthed brattish my-husband-makes-more-money-than-yours kind. The former type enter quietly, discuss their needs briefly and then... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2016 at My Sugar-Free Summer
So, the burning question of the day (forget Brexit for a moment) is whether I would prefer to be Batman's wife or Superman's wife. This was demanded of me during lunch yesterday in 'Scoozi' Ekamai Cineplex (Pizza ok. Salad dressing a little on the sweet side. Spaghetti Carbonara awful - watery with ham not bacon. Cardinal spaghetti sin that. Roast salmon - delicious) Well, Superman has the better body and great hair. Plus he can fly (imagine the savings on holiday flights) and is incredibly strong (he could carry all the cases, flight bags and assorted stuffed animals with just... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2016 at My Sugar-Free Summer
So, this is my summer project. I've set the kids a project to keep them busy over the next 8 weeks so it only seemed fair that I do it too. Also, it will help me not strangle them. Possibly. I plan to eat clean food, carb and sugar free and try to exercise a bit more (mainly walking and swimming) for the next 8 weeks. Also, I plan to try to write everyday as a discipline for myself. I will try not to: kill the kids kill my husband eat sugary foods eat carbs be a lazyarse So far... Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2016 at My Sugar-Free Summer
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Jun 26, 2016