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From the final count, here's another decimal place on the rough numbers. Hillary's margin in CA........3.4m Hillary's margin nationwide 2.9m Trump's margin less CA...... .5m The other 49 states and territories voted by a small margin for Trump. We owe a debt to our founders who protected us against mobs from large states through the Electoral College and Senate. IMO in 2016 both candidates were hideous but in different ways. I apologize for the prior fragment posting, please delete it.
Here's another decimal place on the rough numbers I cited. Hillary's margin in CA
@26 4m of Hillary's 2.8m vote majority came from the Bear Republic. A majority in the other 49 states voted for Trump. Seems our founders had a pretty good idea when they set things up so it would be hard for a large state to run roughshod over the rest of the country. OTOH, Trump and Hillary are both scary, but in different ways. So is Bolton, appreciate your pushing back at him.
(to comment 24) "If keeping proper track of these disconnected people takes more people than what the system now has, and if it would take more money to pay for more people ( and their supporting technologies) to keep unbroken track and touch with these people" Those are big IFs, and not a lot of evidence that they are the case. The quality and competence of public mental health services varies hugely across the country. In Virginia Cho was under court order for services from the local Community Services Board (CSB) but they ignored him until he showed up at Tech. It was not lack of resources, it was incompetence that bordered on malfeasance. Same with State Senator Deeds son. The local CSB made a desultory check for a mental health hospital bed, missing one at the nearby University of Virginia and others, then sent him home to attack his father and shoot himself. In Virginia services vary profoundly by locality. For example, Fredericksburg is variable (sometimes pretty good), Hanover is horrible (it commonly kills clients), Henrico is good, and Richmond has all the problems the city government exhibits. The school system, probably the courts, and the mental health system in Broward County all knew this kid. They knew he was troubled, cared for by a surviving parent. Yet after his mother died as the mayor put it "we didn’t find a way to connect with this kid.” Like I said above, WTF? From the follow up stories in the post the kid did everything he could to attract their attention short of putting a flashing beacon on his head. But, "we didn’t find a way to connect with this kid.” Mental health services are hard, generally do not have enough funding, and will never serve everyone who needs them. But there is no excuse for failing to stay engaged with and to serve people with severe and public mental health issues. None.
Mine too, nice action, and the carbine handles well too.
pl Interesting picture. don't see Krags much anymore.
From the Wash Post: "And Broward County Mayor Beam Furr told CNN that Cruz had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while, but that he had not been back to the clinic for more than a year. “It wasn’t like there wasn’t concern for him,” Furr told CNN. “We try to keep our eyes out on those kids who aren’t connected. … In this case we didn’t find a way to connect with this kid.” Adopted, his dad died several years ago, his mom died last fall, he'd been getting mental health services, but his mom died too and "we didn’t find a way to connect with this kid.” Pretty much what happened with Cho at Virginia Tech too, he was dropped right out of the system. WTF? Can't anyone in the mental health community figure out how to provide services to people who clearly need them? Nonfeasance may be too kind a characterization.
"I was going to ask did the Republicans get the same briefing, but you answered that with a no. So why did John Brennan choose to inform only one political party in the House of this "intelligence" and isn't that a violation of law?" My recollection is that the rest of the Gang of 8 had been briefed and that Reid got his separately later. Did he get the same briefing, or one with some extra secret sauce and spices? On a different but related topic, we have also subsequently learned that Obama communicated with Hillary over her email server using a pseudonym. Could that have made him reluctant to see her charged with him as an accessory?
While not individually illegal on their face, I wonder if the finance shenanigans fall under the heading of a conspiracy to violate Federal campaign finance laws? It is my recollection that sometimes the money resided in state accounts for only a few hours before being transferred to the DNC and Clinton campaign. Trump is a one man disaster, but he is our elected disaster. 'Soft coup', abetted by hysterical, clueless Dems, seems to describe what has been attempted, and continues. Next Tuesday will be instructive. In Virginia in 2009 the Dems ran a campaign about nothing (Seinfeld would have approved) and lost. That was a harbinger of Dem losses in '10, '12 (at the state level), '14 and '16. If Northam loses a similar contest, it will be a measure of the ongoing cost to the Dems from failure to reform.
TTG - The guys look like they're enjoying their ride. The Google thinks Anna News is in Abkhazia, Georgia. Even the news travels faster in a Chevrolet. Nice wheels and feet on that puppy too. Be fun to get you down to Richmond to watch 'em run at Southside Speedway. Mike: Not many of those '60s left. Pretty neat, tail fins and all.
Col, At the bottom is a link to a ZDNET article (they're a good tech rag if you're not familiar with them) on Facebook's automated algorithms to detect "terrorism". While the article is about the intrusive access the "moderators" get when that happens it gives insight into their process that may be germane. It would not be surprising to find that the discussions here trip a simple minded algorithm or that an equally simple minded moderator does something equally stupid. OTOH, if there is a Typepad Facebook muck up it could be that simple. FWIW, SST comes up #3 for me when I ask the Google, after only the state of Virginia flag and the Wikipedia entry. That's pretty good placement.
Pat's Place - a Committee of Correspondence Thank you for what you do.
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OMB Thank you very much. Your first hand narration is better than anything I have seen. It seems the FBI generally settles on a culprit first then does all in its power to gin up a case. Hatfill turned out to be surprisingly resilient and successfully resisted. They then settled on Ivins, a more vulnerable target. They got him. Dead suspects do not defend themselves, and give the FBI propaganda machine free reign. FBI's ballyhooed revolutionary "science" was more charade than investigative tool. Years ago some folks who were in a position to know were of the opinion that most in the FBI were not very bright. They would hurt you if you pissed them off, but could not find the bathroom without a paid informant. Nothing much has changed, as Ivins and Comey's self righteousness and secret leaks demonstrate.
Col, Reading peoples mail gives us insight into intent in addition to capability. Without SIGINT we're a lot dumber about opponents. Its loss hurts operationally too, as the WWII Bulge demonstrated. You've long known that and much more, scary the people who have put political tantrums above national interest and security. What they did to Sterling was a disgrace, Kiriakou too, I'm reading his prison book now. Thank you for your straight-up take. You keep me coming back.
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Happy Birthday Col, and thanks for all you have done and continue to do.
Here's a good analysis that is not flattering to the FISA court opinion or sanguine that it has materially reeled in NSA's violations that go back to at least 2003:
Col, Thank you for your straight up assessment. The damage seems likely profound. I do not understand why we have not seen any leakers strung up from trees on the White House grounds as examples. I can only assume Trump has not been competent to identify them. History, as usual, provides lessons. In the early '50s NSA gave a demonstration of systems that broke Soviet cryp systems to a select group that included both domestic and our "allies". The next day the Soviets ceased using those systems, and according to someone who was there "We never got back in". His awareness extended for another couple of decades. Philby turned out to be the rat. My flag is up today especially in remembrance of those who have died in service to our country.
Perhaps Comey as distraction from a policy change in Syria? Russian foreign minister Lavrov in D.C. last week made not much of a ripple, very little of the usual hysteria. All anyone was freaked about was that a Russian photographer was let into the oval office. It's a less expensive way to change the subject than 59 cruise missiles (Where did the majority of those go? Reportedly 23 hit the air base and 36 did not).
Six months after the election Trump's base does not seem to be eroding. Unless that changes it is unlikely either impeachment or a Dem wave in '18 will happen. Last summer only 11% of Trump supporters thought life was better for people like them than it was 50 years ago. Today it is 41%, almost four times as many. When reality catches up those numbers will recede, but it is not happening yet. I thought Comey needed to go last July so I'm happy he's gone. The graceless and apparently impetuous way it was done sucks. That does not seem to phase Trump supporters, and may be more of the "Sock it to 'em" that has been part of his appeal. Who'd have guessed a recurring "Laugh In" theme would become presidential operating policy 50 years later. stats:
The backstory is that the Goldman-Sachs mob running finance in the Trump administration sees restoration of Glass-Steagall and dismantling TBTF banks as giving them a competitive advantage. That's why we did not see it happening in the Citi mafia run Obama years. Warren and Goldman, politics as ever makes strange bedfellows. If the fallout, in addition to Goldman-Sachs prosperity, is another 50 years of financial market stability like we got from Glass-Steagall it would be a beneficial relationship.
Col, The Borgist elites are running the Democratic Party, but they have only a simple majority. The primary and recent DNC chair votes are good indicators. Sanders got 46% of the primary votes and Ellison a similar proportion of the DNC chair votes. That is a lot easier balance to change than is Congress. Reporting of 2016 votes in US counties was illuminating. There are roughly 3,000 counties. About 2,000 of them were decided by majorities of 50% or more, profoundly lopsided. Fewer than 50 were decided by majorities of 5% or less. The other roughly 1,000 were between 5% and 50%. Many of those, like mine, were in the 20%-40% range. Almost none of the 50% plus spreads will change parties. Very rarely will one in the 5% through 50% bunch change, most often when there is an open seat. Those few with less than 5% spread may actually be in play, some of them voted Dem and often several counties are aggregated into a Congressional district. The numbers argue that even if the usual mid term losses are exaggerated through anti-Trump hysteria, the odds of the House changing hands in '18 are low. In the Senate the numbers are reversed from '16. In '18 the Dems are defending 25 seats and the Repubs 9. Last year when the Repubs were defending 24 seats the Dems picked up 2. If anything the numbers argue for the Repubs picking up seats next year, not losing their majority. The country can only hope that HRC and the mookies are running the "resistance". They ran perhaps the worst campaign in US history last year. How bad you ask? So bad that they lost to a novice politician whose previous career was as a real estate magnate and tv star. They have however done a good job fomenting hysteria and tantrums in the true believers. The independent prosecutor hysteria is certainly building. If memory serves, the independent prosecutor law has expired so it will take more than a snap of the fingers to gin one up. With Watergate there was an actual crime, burglars caught red handed. Cox was fired because he was tying them back to the White House. At this point we've got no public evidence THE RUSSIANS DID IT, or indications that a crime was committed by anyone affiliated with Trump. Flynn looks like he will get strung up for taking money from the Turks without registering as a foreign agent. All that said, it sure seems scarily possible that the scenario you have laid out will come to pass.
Col, Think you're right, a Constitutional Convention would tear up the pea patch we've spent over two hundred years tending and refining through amendments, legislation and case law. No telling what would come out of it. Seems with the profound polarization we have now the problem will be to find a competent FBI director who is not crazy either left or right. Partisan, fine, but rabid partisan, meaning hysterical Dem or dingbat Repub will only make things worse. Also, the FBI is a big enough institution it needs a Director with line officer experience. Yates showed courage and integrity when she refused to defend the Muslim ban, and she was quick enough on her feet to hand Cruz his head recently. I don't know enough about her to know where she stands politically or if she has any large organization management experience. We are living in interesting times as the old Chinese curse goes. I fear for my grand children and the world they are growing into.
Yep, what it has all been about is it not? Bizarre that they've taken to calling themselves the "resistance".
Attention deficits, specifically short attention span, are certainly characteristic of ADHD as are things like the late night tweets. Many learning disabilities fall on the Autism Spectrum. They include things like reading disabilities it seems we see in Trump. Fashionable or not, when trying to understand behaviors, starting with things we know that commonly cause them is a pretty good practice. Trump's odd sleep patterns, short attention span, and distaste for reading are pretty simple and straight up markers for cognitive processing issues like ADHD and reading disabilities. As noted above, "If it walks like a duck..." I am not a Trump fan, but I do care that he is functional as President. Understanding the issues that hinder his comprehension and performance is the first step to ameliorating them. When dealing with someone who has access to nuclear weapons (and conventional) that ain't superficial, comic or trivial.
Long ago I knew an old admiral who sat on Rickover's promotion board. He felt letting him make flag was the worst mistake he ever made. Guess some early naval aviators were "drone" pioneers too.
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