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Just an observer of life
Interests: Music, friends and pizza
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Jul 6, 2016
Don't ask how I stumbled across you old friend, I have no idea. You just showed up on my screen. But you always brought a smile to my face every morning, for years at the drive-up in cberry. I always felt you were one of the greatest people I'd ever met . Life is tough, life pretty much stinks, but it will be the people you meet on the journey that makes it worth while. The smiles they give, the laughter they generate, causes one to forget the daily grind and be thankful for that cheerful contact. Thank you Jenn, you're a great person, don't give up and don't be so hard on yourself. TH (triple venti mocha)
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2016 on Lucky. at The Jennie Blog
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Jul 6, 2016