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Chloe Derks
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Guys, a participant who is taking my place next semester emailed me today to ask me questions about my school and city, and I am not ok. HOW? How did I get here? I was just emailing a girl who taught before me asking the same questions. And so begins... Continue reading
I'm walking through morning assembly at school. The students are sitting in long rows looking bored and lazy. One boy, stick thin and all limbs, sits behind his chubby friend. They're maybe 16 years old. In a casual moment, the skinny one slides his hands along the sides of his... Continue reading
Hello, all! Since my first blog post, I've started teaching (mostly 12th graders and some younger classes,) and I really, really love it. Thai students are so artistic, and it's been so satisfying to come up with ways to tie art to my lesson plans and watch them transform their... Continue reading
Sawat-dee kah! First Thai tea. First motorbike ride. First year-long mourning period. First blog post. It feels like everything I do in Thailand is something I've never done and probably wouldn't do in the States. When I applied for this job in Thailand, I loved that it was so brave.... Continue reading
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Jul 11, 2016