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Edwin Bell
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Consumers, like us, in Maryland, who have been forced to fight their cases in the courts of public opinion through on-line media such as Twitter, Blogger, or Google+, etc. are changing the way consumers confront and expose illegal debt collection. Although consumers are often accused of not defending against debt collection complaints in many states our case reveals what happens when they do defend. Consumers rely on a court's ability to fairly adjudicate their case.....our case demonstrates what consumers face bias and prejudice orchestrated by debt collection attorney throughout the judicial process. Corporate influence of our courts is a "well-known secret" which has given...Junk Debt Buyers control the courts and prevailing with visibly illegitimate arguments over authenticated evidence and controlling case law. Much too often, consumers find themselves in "Civil Hand-Cuffs"...striped of due process rights....with impediments on their rights to defend.....and their evidence ignored.. Regardless, consumers find themselves, unnecessarily, forced into the appellate courts for cases consumers should have won in the lower court's, absent the "corporate influence" of the courts. In our case is a well known fact that our mortgage was paid in full on August 4, 2009, prior to ratification... it is another well known fact that our foreclosure was included in the National Mortgage Settlement and Independent Foreclosure Review. Below is a link to over four years of history in our consumer case as civil defendants, briefs, extracts, many motions, and documents are all available through this link. Crimes against consumers are rampant.
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Jul 12, 2016