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Great card. Yeah, that Lemon Lime is a bit of POW in your face colour. I have to think about what I want to do with it.
Grats!!! Such an amazing accomplishment. I'm glad I found you last year after our move to North Delta. You're a a real delight.
Thank you so much for the lovely evening last Thurs :) I hope your holidays are wonderful and blessed!
Very cool card. I'll have to try this myself.
I will only get a wood mount when I absolutely cannot get the same in 'clear-mount' or some type of actual clear stamp. I really like the photopolymer and other actual clear stamps because they can be so much easier to position. Wood mount rubber stamps and unmounted rubber stamps can have a crisper more detailed image (because of the rubber). But not being able to see through the rubber on the 'clear-mount' (and other brands with that same concept) can require extra stamping to ensure the stamp is orientated the way you want. You cannot rely on the sticker on the back (if the stamp, indeed, has a sticker on the back) because it is rarely lined up exactly where the stamp image is. Wood-mount rubber is actually, in my opinion, the worst to position. Not only can you not rely on the sticker (if it has one), because the wood-mounting is often as small as possible for the stamp, it's much easier to accidentally rock it while stamping. With the clear-mount and photopolymer, you can use a larger acrylic block than the image. And... now that I have a Misti, both the clear-mount and the photopolymer work with that tool so stamp positioning and double stamping becomes even easier. *hugs her Misti*
YOu might need a vacation after all that! Great card. I like the scored lines accent.
I love what you did on your card. It's fabulous! I file a lot of ideas in my head and bits and pieces do come out later at times. I go looking for stuff when I'm in a funk, but often what I find isn't what I make but it sparks something in my head that lets me being the rest together. I like doing challenges because they push me to think in a particular direction to shape something to fit the challenge.
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Jul 16, 2016