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The reason all Mayan 5.1 uinal day imix is also Noah's 30-day 5th month is because both Mayan 260-day solar conjunction (130+130 from 1imix to 1Chuen to 1imix) begins on 5.1 so as to be rising on newyear 0.1 as formerly 240-day conjunction from 5th month to new years day every 13 years. This means the 40-day Flood centers on the December 17 Saturnalia of 3114bc as it also does the true Flood in 2370bc for its 40-day Flood of Nov 27 to January 6 venus Epiphany. It indicates then that all Mayans came from Harran Syria (that is to say observed Marduk of Harran in their city of Mari). Thus the 40-day Flood is (G.Nov 1 =Nov 27 as uinal 4.1 day 7 imix to G.Nov 21 =Dec 17 as uinal 5.1 day 1imix to G.Dec 11 =Jan 6 of 3113bc as uinal 6.1 day 8imix which are the same sothic Julian dates as the actual Flood in 2370bc. Comment on retrograde =all oppositions of Mars are the middle of the backward retrograde. Another comment = 8 year Venus as 8x 365 day = 5x 584 day is a 2920-day cycle that is 20-day (146x 20 day) contrary to what this article says and claims. However, Venus loses 2 days every 40 years of haab, which is a loss of 20 days every 400 years of haab.
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Jul 18, 2016