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The small claim court in the UK is rocking. Most of the claims are photography infringements ranging from around £150 to £750 for the base infringement in terms of lost income with an additional 100% for flagrancy and further uplift for failure to credit the author plus interest. Some cases where the infringer has removed watermarks have had serious amounts added for flagrancy and multiple uses have sailed very close to the £10000 cap. Many infringers believe the misinformation put out by so called copyfree activists and end up in court paying far more than they could have settled for at an early stage with additional court costs of around £500. None of the hundreds of photographers, like myself, that have taken cases to the UK small claims court have had their cases dismissed as infringers so often come to court armed only with the "wisdom" spouted by yourself and others like techdirt and the Google scam crowd. While it is tedious taking these sad sacks to court it becomes routine after a while and satisfying to see justice done. We could not do it without you Mike. LOL
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Jul 20, 2016